durga :: her power is Love.

The festival of Durga is in Autumn, the in-between time of Underworld adventures, so I take Durga as a guide as I get throttled down so deep, so far, so beyond anywhere I've ever know.  I take Durga because Durga is pretty much a Royal Bad-Ass. 

She's been by my side the past few weeks, riding that tiger out of the sea.   Sometimes I jump on with her, taking the ride as she slashes her sword around what no longer serves her Truth. But her truth isn't about petty games won or greed + power.  She is warrioress In the name of her Love. 

Her statue sits on my hearth behind me as I type.  The fire flickers and burns below her.  She looks at me, her bronze carved face aged with patina.  Great Mother Durga, in charge of War, the kind of war that keeps Balance in the world between light + dark, life + death. She's a good companion to have as we come face to face, heart to heart with the darker side, bringing forth a choice we have to make :: what really matters?  What are we are willing to keep?  What do we know we need to slice away or leave at each gate at the bottom of the World? What demons will be dead at our feet?

I've never heard this story told as beautifully as this glorious woman does, i can just listen to her forever.  I long to be able to tell stories like this to you, to my children, to my circles... someday.

What if you had 3 days to live? What do you love and what would you do? Marry that now.  Be unabashedly in love with your Truth as you slice away the three-headed creatures of the underworld, of the corners of yourself that have been too dark to venture, too ugly to look at. Relax into the beautiful nothingness and space of this power, effortlessly destroying what harms our True Belonging.  A true power.  A future roots power rising back up out of the Sea.