Own The Edge :: elements {finally up + running!}

Own The Edge

{You can’t teach writing.  You can only inspire stories and hold space for Voice}

Own The Edge isn’t an invitation for you to choose to live edgy or dangerously or to do anything other than what you are doing right now.  Living the life in front of you, really feeling everything about it, paying attention to it and those who are part of it, and cultivating voice + soulstories around it… that’s OWNING it.  Even in the aches, the fear, the pain, the ugly, we step right in, live it, and what comes from that is golden elixir. We might have to walk the permimeter sometimes, leaning over really far, testing out balance and courage, and that's cool, too. These places are where our most rooted voice can be sounded. What does it sound like for you?

When I sat down and decided I want to share some of this process in a "course" I was in a full state of mystery. Writing is solitary. We often retreat into that red room, close out the world, and try as best as we can to open ourselves for what needs to be heard. The more time we spend discussing, the less time we are actually sitting in the practice of writing {eventually we will get together and word playshop, but first I want people to really dig deep in word exploration}. I longed to create something you could take away.  Do over and over again.  Spend time with yourself, your life, your practice, and your edge. And write.

This mini-course was born in front of the fire place + from notes/videos taken by the creek on unusually dry winter days, leaning against a tree stump with cold air penetrating through a knit hat.  The stories that came up for me were around elements, being reminded about life through the simple sensations and memories of elemetns,  of the emotional quality of what creation stems from :: air, water, earth, fire, ether.

Own The Edge :: elements is my first {of many!} mini-courses I am honored to offer. It’s not a writing class:  I can’t TEACH voice infused writing, this is a natural and organic birthing process. But I can inspire it and create an open and safe space, a wildly active + fertile muse playing ground. I can support writers, reminding them that rhythm + ritual are important in welcoming mistress muse, inviting her to know the door IS open.  

{I love writers.}

I want to gather writers together, holding each other up :: this is our path of expression.  Our Voice is worth the wild winds against the lapping sea, it burns through brick walls like fire burns through wood, and it's carried with wishes far on the restless waters of the sea.   

You in?

I am super excited and ridiculously honored to launch this and hope you take advantage of the $59 price for the first lucky 100 of you:)  101+ goes up to $79.  But by that time, Own The Edge :: goddesses {featuring art by the amazing Erin Darcy} will be out there to grab as well.

When you purchase Own The Edge :: elements, you also get access to a secret lil group where writing + creative process remains supreme and we prompt, share, and howl our voices true.


{giving thanks to my sexy tech goddess Danielle Cohen of Elevated Synergy who makes formatting and totally scary digital technologies not only easy…  but  also beautiful.}