Own The Edge.

When we own the edge we don’t care about water being up to our necks with no land in sight. We lift our arms high and wait for what the tide has in store.

When we own the edge, we have no problem with being a mess because it was that wild north wind that tossed us around when we dared to take flight.

When we own the edge, our feet are wet with possibility, our fingernails filled with the sands of creation, and our walk to Whatever is the walk we like the best.

Instead of feeling like we're about to fall off the edge, or that we've been pushed to the edge ::: we own it. Owning it is says yes to the invitation to transform: acknowledge the mystery, be scared or don’t be scared, but regardless Be Movement to the next step, right into the bullseye of the Unknown. Then just See. Pay attention. Desire. Frolick. Maybe remove some unnecessary clothing. Then step again.

When we write, we don’t sit down knowing, we sit down desiring. We sit down and get ready for the Whatever; the story takes us where it wants to go. We can only add a little opinion and a lot of dare. We can only add a flash of our bare hearts, infusions of lust and a slice of our quickly fading memories.

When we write, we are having a full-blown, totally tumultuous, probably co-dependent, certainly hot-as-hell love affair with the edge, and not only do we own It ::: It owns Us. We don’t care about the 13,000-foot drop-off or the cougar that followed us there. We don’t care how slippery it is with ruthless rain pouring against it. We just care that we are there.

We are there.

The good stuff rarely comes from sitting safely knowing where we are and where we're going. The good stuff comes when we get super fine with {or at least agree to} walking way out to the foreign spots, all they way to the edge of our consciousness, the rim of the galaxy, pulling in stuff that most certainly isn’t of this world.

The good stuff comes when we say fuck it, blow the plans, dedicate ourselves to the details of the elements, and listen. Then step out a little bit farther and enjoy getting pretty high from wondering where our words will land.

The good stuff comes mostly from places we aren't even sure exist until we find ourselves there. And we make it exist when we write it all down.

{true story::: i sat down to write about the beach and the moon and how i might need more sun and should move. nothing happened. i got up. jumped around. sat down again without knowing anything and then wrote this. stop thinking so much and write. please. write.}