Who We Are

I like to make up words. 

I like mash{ing}-up extremes to find balance, a place of unreasonably perfect possibility that breaks through the bars we’ve constructed around ourselves.

Clarity of who my partners are is a huge part of word alchemy.  I lacked definitive cultural words to describe my people, so I made some up and borrowed some from other places {thank you patios!}

It’s all done in fun:: dialing into the sacredness of sustainability where truth & purpose bring us golden leverage for the expression of our livity.


These are my partners, my gurus, my lifelovers.  They are also every part of me.

spiritual gangstas:: You were born from peace and love.  You are here to open hearts & walk the path of compassion and forgiveness. But when someone fucks with Mama Earth, you’re gonna kick some ass.  Spiritual Gangsta’s use their art+ energy as big bad heavy guns and their wide-spreading words as atomic-like bombs. Your inventions and creations are shaping the new wave of “consumerism” which is actually about ::communitism::.  You build armies with healers & dancers & farmers.  You are not complacent. You meditate & swear. You do yoga & drink whiskey. You pray & refuse dogma.  You live radically close to your heart.  And you are not scared to share it with the world.

activisionaries:: Activists are super cool.  Visionaries are bright + brilliant.  But you’re an activsionary.  You take your vision to the next level, mashing-up the two to create a whole new realm of spiritual/ political climate. You aren’t scared to be an extreme co-creator. You mix shamanism at the city council. You bring inner-city youth into the middle of a desolate forest.  You have a story in your head and you tell it. You not only see it, you do it.

ritualooligans:: Long gone is the idea that rituals *only* take place in a formal setting.  You live life in rituals.  You pray as you spread butter on your toast.  You light cedarwood as you sweep the floors.  You sit at parks while the kids play and you pile small stones infused with your intentions. You crawl out of bed with the moonshine and scrawl spells on paper and sleep with them under our pillow. Your fingers  draw magical symbols in the air while at a red light. 

rootical mamas:: You are radically roots.  Your feet are so deep into the nurishing, stable soil,  nothing can shake you down. You are an anchor for your family, living simply so you can be present to what's good & pure. You live from the deepest mother source and rise on up. You hold your head high (and maybe your hair as well}

earthkeepers:: In every choice you make, you do in regards to how it will affect the Earth in 100 years. You feed your community while you feed the Earth. You are aware of the interconnected system between this planet and it’s people.  Animals guide you during the dark hours. Wild plants are your allies.  You know that in actuality the Earth is keeping you, and you listen carefully for her whispers.

sextresses:: You are goddess of sexy spirituality, of divine temple dancing.  You know the true meaning of tantra and the power our hips possess.  You believe that sex is the sacred path to ourselves and divinity and your movements unite the coils that rise up in every living thing.  You aim to bring ecstatic pleasure to your world and to every single one of us.

healing artisans:: Your crafts heal.  Food, farms, herbs, flowers, yogis, candles, talismans that capture the magic in a chain-link and stone. Your art is from another world.  Your tea heals all. Your services are breathtaking. You are creating entirely new/old schools of thought by choreographing science + magic, while catching spirit babies in all shapes and forms.

aperture empresses::  In a snap, you shift the way someone sees herself. You record the medicine in someone’s eyes, in the cock of their hip, in the dirt filled creases of their hands.  You witness and mirror the metamorphosis, the growing of the wings, the taking flight.  You capture the perfect mixture of the dark and the light.  Your photos say infinite words.

rock star sistas:: You can party all night long singing songs and doing shots and then wake-up and go for a 6 mile run. You travel to Africa to hold babies and search for amber in Litawania.  You direct films, have 3 kick-starter initiatives, and want to write a cookbook. You sew leather underwear. You like gold sparkles and dark mascara. There is no city that you are scared to enter in the dead of night, there is no water you won't dive into.

We are all this.  And so much more. 

Thank you for sharing this time on Earth with me.  Thank you for the work you do:::