+my personal word alchemy+

Part of the point of this blog isn’t to teach anybody how to craft a life through using words as alchemy* but to share the process, the potions, the possibilities, because life + writing is my practice and writing our practices is truly a gift to ourselves and our world.  Our stories are what instigate Belief and Change.

My family and I have been in great transition.  I believe the intensity of this transition stems from a moment when I crafted some powerful word alchemy back in March.  I wrote a letter to my future in circle, burned it to ash and buried in the garden on a spring morning under a sleeping full moon.

This ritual directly led me to Maya Corrine of the Soulstorm legacy crew and I began to craft a sustainable design and sacred rhythm not just in my life but for my partner and my children.  The design has been a work in progress, testing out the visuals and the rhythms to find the right color + beat for the type integration we craved.  We knew a massive step was moving out of the current house we were in {other people are moving into it} and we knew we needed some change in the daily ritual: more intentional work, more intentional play, more intention practice.

This led us to explore options from here down to Southern Oregon, meeting with brilliant people in biodynamic lifestyles and radical agro-activism, creating curiosities around urban farming and venturing into the idea of sacred futureroots rural development. 

We tried on for size living in Ashland, to Portland, to Seattle, to Ashland again.  And finally we looked at each other and our children and we said: Bloom where we are planted.  Everything we need to create is right here.  Let’s do this, and do it with the Earth under our feet.

And so we went on a search for the land that would welcome us, the land we could partner with and craft, keeping it as a living legend, a place we only borrow and sit on and slowly and reasonably cultivate so it becomes effortless to live and harmless to pass it on. 

Sold on this idea, we leapt forward on what felt like a perfect piece of glorious Earth, only to be given stipulations by our bank that we couldn’t manifest nor did we want to.  We knew out financial edge and needed to honor that fully in the time frame that we had.

And so we sit here now and tap into our higher selves {and a bit of hard-core tapping our endocrine system as well} and try to find the place for all of  us that is home, the place where we can design home-based and sustainable businesses in words, wood, stone and spirit.   Crafting a new system of business based on the feminine principle of honoring Pachamama first & foremost, creating a new foundation to grow from, and offering conversations to the world that will continue to grow, to tell stories for communion versus talking shit to sell something.  A place our children and our children’s children will know The Way to care for, if they choose.  My 100 year legacy: to pass this all on.  But first I have to do it.

As a word alchemist my first idea is to write this whole process/practice even though I have no idea the outcome.  The writing is to be intentional.  Part of the alchemy in crafting this land/homespace, whether the time is now or somewhere in the next 2-3 years, is to visit as many people who are living their own version of what I imagine.  To hear their stories and use it to alchemize my own life, to nurture relations with them and see how they move, heal, breath, create. 

My first visit was to Lummi Island to visit Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm.  An alchemist herself using flowers and the guides from the plant world, she lives and partners with a tiny slice of unadulterated paradise, has created a home-based business where she *gives* to the Earth by planting seeds and never takes {her essences are crafted with infusing the spirit of the plant deva versus harvesting the plant: so the roots and stem and petals all stay where they are ::  in the dirt}.  She works from a beautiful cabin and wide open yurt, and her spirit is beyond welcoming, beyond inviting.  Her spirit is lit with a glowing and impish balance of fire + water + earth + air. And a whole lot of the ether, as well.

I have more photos to process {I had my 9 year old and 7 year old take most of the photos for me while Diana and I talked}, but my next post will be my visit at Tree Frog Farm, and the beginning of a word alchemy journey into my own slice of Knowing. 

Writing the stories and sharing them: that is where the magic lives.  I believe.

Sneak peak photo:

diana + my daughter, sula.

the ever tall, ever supportive, Mullein soaked in island light.

alchemy* one of my working definitions :: in short:: being present to experience and igniting our unique voices to tell our stories as well as expanding our listening capactiy to hear the stories of others--- taking us on a transformational path towards healing and self-acceptance, and embracing our life as writers/creatrixes/creators.