tree frog farm and allowing roots to stay.

Imagination is part of the golden process of alchemy.  And I don't mean just creating fiction or fantasy, but truly mapping out, IMAGE-ing new creations, opening visual portals that allow us to jump inside: re-vise, revitalize, rearrange our lives... or to just trust the path we are already on in newer, bolder ways.

{I write my practice so I remember to live it}

My practice now: nurture where my spirit meets my matter.  To feel at home on Earth, to find home on Earth, to create home on Earth:: all of the above or whatever comes first.   It's not a process of seeking; I've done that for too long.  But of Wondering, Readiness, Reception.  Roots.

Sitting and trusting is some of this practice, actively building is another, and yet another is to wander around meeting up with ‘other my selves’, the people I want to nurture connections with, those who have alchemized their lovelife and who offer their essence of gold.  So I hop on a ferry to meet her.

* * *

I land on Lummi Island, with a friend, her babe and all three of my girls in tow. There is something so ethereal about forests jutting out from the center of water; so purposeful and committed the land is to stand, alone, in solitude. Not giving a shit that it's disconnected from its dirt source because, hell, it lives bold and independent on every edge of itself.

I came to listen, to hear her story, to explore her farm and learn this moment, to hold in my heart what it takes to believe in this life: one of  Earth play and co-creation.

{tree frog farm yurt}

I stepped onto her land, with a question in my heart.  It was answered in first glance.  It's like just showing up and that answers all the questions you need.  Even when the answer is no. Or just maybe.

{diana talking flower alchemy magic and my daughter mia, enthralled}

Diana is a sprite of a being. Dancing eyes. Bright inner grin.  Small but certainly not tiny. She begins telling me the beginnings of a profound spiritual path: running.  She's run and run hundreds of miles in her past, each step recording where her body was, where her body wasn't.  It was her spiritual practice, to keep moving and taking all of herself to all of it’s edges. As she was speaking of her long, long distance running practice I could literally go back in time and see her shedding skin, each time her foot hit earth, her heart beat with her breath. 

{a garden of flowers that you never get lost in walking, but guided through their colorful prayers}

And when you are open like that, when you find that practice, cultivating stillness even in the long movements, you can answer when there is a call from Love. Her Love just so happened to have a wee cabin on Lummi.  Funny how things happen when you are ready to give and receive the elixir of life? Together, in partnership, they built.


{echo communing as always}

The building in partnership piece, {i could tell her partner is a huge part of their daily cycle} dug me deep in my heart, made me plant my bare toes in her grass and go as deep as I could.  There is that place in relationships where you can walk away or you can re-commit to the original Plan and use the relationship as a vehicle to get closer to the hot core of your spirit, closer to fulfilling divine contract, closer to that feeling that isn't saintly, but ecstatically the flesh of being human.  Hearing her talk about the serendipity of her partnership with her lover, their crossing paths here and there until finally their Connection, re-instilled the faith that it's all perfect, really, right where we are.  We all end up as one, together, in love.  In prayer. In Hope.

{golden celebration rose

I love making flower essences; it's been a part of my seasonal rhythm for years.  My first batch was from wild flowers I didn't even know the name of.  My next "first" batch, once I found out people do this kind of thing, was from the blossoms of apple trees.  I have always crafted with the method of picking flowers.  Diana does it a different way, a way that blows my mind a bit, but makes so much sense, deep sense. 

Have you ever looked at a flower or tree and felt the magic of your connection with it? It’s as if the flower or tree exudes a Divine wisdom that touches us deeply. You might experience the connection as a magnetic draw, strong thought, mental image or a feeling. Flower essences are this unique vibrational pattern/Divine wisdom of each plant imprinted into water, which becomes a non-aromatic, high frequency electrical solution. -diana pepper


At Tree Frog Farms, Diana allows each flower to stay in the Earth.  She said she was at festival once long ago and a teaching from South America landed on her lap: why pull the plant out?  So she doesn't, and instead connects with the plant deva, the healing and protected force associated with the flower, and turns on the faucet for it to flow.  Her method is bringing the water to the flower, allowing specific crystals to form the matrix pathway for the spirit to enter.  Healing vibration is welcome in the  water straight form the plant's universal source.

{red shiso}

She uses the plant red shiso, grown in her own greenhouse, to preserve her essences.  She creates a strong infusion of the plant and then mixes it with a small amount organic grain vinegar.  This cuts down needing to buy alcohol, as well as serves communities of people who don't want even the slightest amount of spirits in their system.  The red shiso is so deep and rich, and the energy of it felt like a revival of something to me, something old and far away, something I used to know and was brought back alive. 

{echo at the source} where is all happens}

I am honored to have Diana as a teacher, a new friend, and a pure inspirationalist in my practice to re-design my life, to re-vision my daily rhythms, and to alchemize what I have into what I want without sacrificing the bold elemental teachings of right now. I don't claim it to be easy... I have a lot stagnant stories in my dna, stories that want to move on through to the other side,  continually learning to re-tell ::  re-writing them in ways that feel true and good and right in this moment so they can continue to spiral and gain new life. 

{annabelle + rose}

Walking Tree Frog Farm and holding Diana's beautiful tale was a step for me in telling my own, and was exactly what I needed: to show up and move around her space, to clarify what mine will be to me.  To see the beauty of one's life when they listen to more than what can be heard, when they commit to stewardship and service, when they open their doors and invite you to take a chance for yourself.  When  life + work no longer are seperate. When gifts to share are a byproduct of Fullness for the highest good. 

{anu + diana after anu just had a lovely session in the yurt}

I intended to share Diana's story and personal process more deeply, to write's it's bones and pass around her amazing life sculpted from magical material.  But instead I found alchemy in a different process: my own. Which demands patience, inspiration, stepping barefoot on wet ground, and being in the presence of those who Own it, all of their edges: their hard and soft, their seen and unseen, their sacred and their profane.  To see how brave others are as well as how damn cute and funny they are too. But most importantly?

A lesson in keeping the roots in the ground and the petals in tact. I don't need to pull myself out at the roots every time I want to change, to shift, to grow, to capture my essence or to clearly define it.  I can stay in the ground and still have adventure, I can allow the fantastical lightning storm of goodness right above my head to light me up.  

{pure grace + master alchemist}

Just 100% proof that we are here to live the life we love and love the life we live.  And share it fully as if it's all of ours, every last one of us.

Wander your path, cross it with others.  Allow them to pick up the conversation where and when you are at loss for words.   Nurture relations.  Step along the footprints of the mavens, bask in the house of their light. You are close to this, that, and everything else your heart has always known.

please visit and explore her website and if you are local... give her a buzz... and breath in her magnificant world.