spin some fire {don't you dare keep your flame to yourself}

I'm a writer. I was pretty much born that way, a word I had to try on and grow into, but now it feels like an old cashmere quilt draped across my back.  In it's practice, I feel the most at home, the most useful. Generally, I don't like to come out from behind my story.  Maybe it's a matter of hiding behind my words {though my words don't hide much}.  Maybe it's just an engagement with my most vital energy, and at that address I can fully hang.  But when it comes to sharing beyond the first dimension of word-design, as in video, I get really, really achy.  

Behind the words are ridiculously silly mannerisms, spastic spontaneous dancing, and a nervousness to converse that's just insane. There is a shy-ish person back there too, or maybe it's just the nagging discomfort of having to be seen and not just read. Regardless, this is harder than I thought it would be. But who am I to not take that hardness out to the edge? 

I don't really know how long I've kept this video on lock-down. Too long. Moon after moon.  My lover, the video editor, was beginning to think his late night work was in vain.  But how dare I not share the flame? I'd never not share a story...{i'll write about anything}  and this is just an extension of my stories: my heart + services. My soul's design is a system of roots connecting through stories + tales brought to us graciously through life on Earth.  

And it's all a process, right? The intention, the creation, the expression, the bold passing on of the communion. What are we holding so tightly on to, anyway? What's the point of keeping our secrets to ourselves?  So instead, we create stories that create conversations.  We honor the ancient ways of alchemy where process is the magic, it is the teacher, and it is the gold.  We burn down fear by spinning our fire out.  It will be a light for all of us to see through the dark.

So I offer this. It's a speck of what I do, a spark in hopes to ignite more. It's in honor of you spiritual gangstas, activisionaries, keepers of circles, earth, art and beauty.  To all you who stay up past the moon's peak to keep the flame lit.  To all of you.   I'm here, see?  To support you and your stories. Clarify, re-mix and shake it all up with mighty fine glitter. To own the alchemy: we are the magic for the boldest, brightest, most revolutionary brand we have.  Let's just tell it