OUR WORD :: the collective guide to intuitive writing.

I’ll never forget my first experience claiming the the idea of Writer.  I was around 9 and a poem I wrote was read on a local radio show’s “kids hour”.  I was pretty stoked to sit in my kitchen with the radio on listening to the DJ read my piece called Hot Pink and Dull Gray: our emotions.  I remember thinking "I like this. I like this a lot."

I began taking writing workshops around that age and continued to do so throughout my childhood and teen years.  They were exciting, fresh, rule-free and purely creative experiences on cultivating listening skills and expressing Voice.  When I entered undergrad to “study” writing- it all changed.  More red lines.  More rules.  More thoughts on “what it should be like” there was a certain “hierarchy” I had a hard time hanging with. There was often a lot of rejection. And I began to question my worth as a writer.  I just loved to write, that's all.   I just loved it.  It was who I was.  All I really wanted was support and celebration and community around what was truly a solo endeavor of hunkering down and making words come alive.  I wanted to know my worth not by judgment,  but by process.  I wanted to be inspired and I wanted to figure out how to inspire others on this path.

Eventually I quit “studies” in writing because I realized that writing isn’t something that can be taught.  Writing is something to be honored.  Writing is a journey, not a degree. Writing is an expression of the soul. It's how we decide to share our experiences. It’s a tool for healing.  It’s a practice in growing.  And nobody should ever use a red pen to cross out your beloved words - because ideally your words should be Your Intuitive Truth.

This collective was created because we are worth taking the time to dive deep into this craft; turning inside out, upside down, twisting the wild juices out of it and sucking it down like life’s elixir, like vibrational medicine.  We are worth a gathering space that involves having a good old time.  Writing can be lonely.  We need a wild word ruckus with a bunch of beautiful and powerful peers to say "yes, keep writing."

And so there you have it.  Our Word.  5 writers guiding you through 6 weeks {plus a bonus week} of writing.  Your writing.  Our writing.  Universal writing.   This session’s writers were carefully selected in a thoughtful and intuitive process.  Each of Our Word guides truly own their paths, each write like motherfuckers and each live life with a rare intensity of passion + play.  They each innately rock at knowing how to inspire you to dive head-first + deep down into your own creative process and fire. 

Come on this this journey with us.  We give you Our Word. You will have a blast. You will fall in love.  With yourselves.  With us. With your words. Always with your words.

Go on.  Right here.  Read about all of us.  Then sign yourself up.  Give yourself this gift. It’s gonna be epic.