Tell Your Stories {it's a mad love affair}

Commit to telling your stories.



Commit to them like they are the best lover on earth for you. Like they are the One who you have been searching for since you took your first breath.  Like they are your first breath, your first word, your first song sung out under the sun in the backyard with the birds. Like they are your first smashed -into- a- million- little- pieces-heartbreak, the first taste of celebration dripping off your tongue.

Commit to telling your stories in faithful matrimony of the most polyamorous kind because let’s face it, we have many stories, with many layers and each one is the One so let’s just keep it hush hush and get on with it.  Stories know that without each and every one of them there would be no book of You, no shooting up of daily pleasure and sticky pain and everything in between. 

Give your stories promise rings, a stare into the eye, circling the edge but always peering deep into the darkest part of the center.  Let them know you are there. Fully there. Paying attention, paying them love.  Your stories are never playing games with you or playing hard to get.  Your stories are quite easy.  They don’t need much convincing to take it all off and let it all down.  They are free floating particles of the star stuff in life. Always present. Always willing. Always giving.

Your stories aren’t you.  They are beyond you. 

They aren’t just what the world has given you,  but what you have given the world {in meter and rhyme, in color and hue}. 

Straight up.  Hard core. Feather, leather and lace.  A side of grassy field and probably a back alley here and there.  They are favorite meals, ugly relations, slaps on the face. They are dancing when you are young and drunk and somewhere you shouldn’t be.  They are you sweating against someone's body, a body you were told you aren’t allowed to be sweating against.  They are your hail mary.  Your full of grace. Your fall from grace. 

They are where you meet yourself and decide what it might mean. 

To be alive.

Your stories will be your most passionate lovers.  Undress each word with the mystery of it's naked skin. Seduce each sentence with the slow wane of the moon and the fast crack of lightening on stormy summer nights.

Nobody says commitment is easy.  But once you decide to get on your knees and kiss the feet that have carried you on this wild ride of a journey, blistered, callused, with imprints of your soul’s ground deep into your arch, your story will feel your undying worship and will be the most electrifying lover you’ve ever had. 

The greatest love affair starts with a story and ends with a story.  Your story. 

The one that’s to be told again and again. The one that the kids will re-remember how to re-tell, re-make, re-write.  To be their own.

Besides mountain fresh air, leafy greens from the earth, limbs that entangle us together and the children that come from our womb, stories are the most important thing, the most needed thing in the world.

Who are you not to tell your story?  All of them?

It’s time to make love with your life a bit now.  It’s time to romance the breath-making power of words.

What ya got?