manifest.magic. {{full moon}}

Reclaimation: Our power to manifest. Under the Full Moon.

{we are manifestresses of magic. all of us.}

I am not a sales person. 

There is nothing I can convince you that you need.  There is no wisdom, no healing that lives outside of you that doesn’t also dwell within you.  The only thing I can possibly attempt to convince you to try out is the belief in your power to create the world you know is true. The world that your heart pounds into existence. The world your blood was made to flow through.    The only thing I want to sell you is a potion that reminds you to have faith in you. In me. In us.  In them.  The collective.

If I could slap on the backpack and go door-to-door and preach something that every one must purchase immediately, something I would invest all my golden nuggets on, the one thing I would pay a zillion dollars to paint across a billboard on the 5 freeway, it would say:

We are magic. Use it.

So yeah it’s nothing profound and nothing new.  It’s nothing we haven’t all said before but something fierce is happening.  There are clear invitations to practice the power of visualization matched with non-attachment and surrender:: living completely in the Now {which is a kickass combination of the past and present}. 

There is a powerful energy {as always} from beyond ourselves and from the center of ourselves. From the cracks in the canyons and the ledges of the cliffs.  From the fire that burns in the back yard and burns in the stars and burns in our guts. From the ebb and flow of the tide to the expression of the moon. From the caw caw of the raven and the howl of the coyote.  It isn’t so subtle anymore.  You feel it strong, now. Really strong. Yet it’s yelling is still a whisper.  Because we are meant to be it's amplification for sounding. For spreading it’s song of joy.  It wants to be manifested into life, brought to breath, through us.

These are mystical auspicious times since the beginning of times and until the end of times.  And as always we have an invitation to harness this energy, look it in the eye, dance with it, and the make it be Free. Because in freeing our dreams we give them room to grow.   We plant the star in the sky and then we let the cosmos create expansion and explosion and magnification. This is the way of the vision.

Get close to God. Dial in to Spirit.  Hold hands with The Great Mother.  Jump in the lap of Jesus. Make sweet love to Buddha. Go line dancing with the Universe. Get yourself deep and low with The Moon. Do whatever act of intimacy you do with whoever it is that turns you On to Love.  Tap into that and give over your heart daily.  Because that is all there ever is.  You are already there. You are the spark of your soul. You are the now of forever.

And Pray.  If that’s your thing.


Don’t fall to your knees in desperation. Show up in surrender.  Don’t plead for what you want. Come as unconditional gift giver.  Come as full. Empty yourself.  Come as empty. Be filled.

Light your candles as invocations and offerings, not in request or questionable doubt in yourself.  Light each flame as deep knowing, light each flame as an answer, in full trust. Then let it burn, let the wind take it where it needs to be. 

It’s not something we have to put our minds to.  It’s something we let go of our minds for.  It’s Vision. Clarity. Communication. Surrender. Allow for now. BOOM. 

This is manifestation.

I have been blessed this month to be part of an incredible circle of manifestresses {women who enter each with gratitude, noticing what IS not what isn’t} is that that most powerful thing about creation is allowing.  We claim our visions.  And then we allow them to be free.  We spend our days in thanks for what is in front of us, knowing that in our hearts the dream lives. In the air- our vibration has sounded. Written somewhere- the words hum eternal.  In the soil- the life stirs.  We don’t dig up the seeds we have planted.  There is only trust that water and sun and the fertile soil will allow them to grow.

It is as it shall be.  And so are we. Perfectly imperfect magic.

* * *

Life Note:

As I was looking through an old journal the other day, one from around age 18 {a long ass time ago} I noticed a page dedicated to Finding The Love of My Life.  Silly teenager stuff? Not really.  I listed what I wanted clearly in burgandy ink: A man with a fish tattoo, clear blue eyes, a deep faith and practice around Spirit, who could build with his hands, who made music,  and adored his daughters. 

I barely remember writing this, but I doubt I was very attached.   One day it just came to me clearly this is what I wanted in a man someday.  I was probably "dreaming" awake out my bedroom window, like I often did, and allowed clarity to be born in that moment. I wrote it down with conviction and trust. And closed the journal.  And here I am, with that person {who is so much more of course, but all those things I wrote he indeed possesses.}

I was a free spirit and pretty dialed into myself at age 18.  I was clear.  I wrote it down.  Held it in my heart.  Shut the book.  And then five years later that human manifested,  walking down a beach in Malibu, when I least expected it, and has held my heart in his strong hands ever since. 

Life Practice:

On this full moon

Meditation on you want to be clear around {life, love, home, art, career, children, travel, etc}

When you figure it out, breath into it until it begins to blow some of the fog away, part some of the thick clouds.  See it.  Spend the next couple weeks practicing breathing into that clarity.  Seeing it more clearly.  Knowing what your heart wants until it’s crystal. See through. Until it has major bling.

Live like it’s already there.  Practice gratitude for what is Now.

Write the story down.  Give it colors and names.  People. Sounds. Smells. Numbers. Time.  Give it a rhythm and a heartbeat.  Give it life. Give it life.  Breath deep into it.

Create ritual around this.  Light a candle. Take a special bath. Go for a walk and sing to it.  Plant a seed symbolically for it. Burn the paper you write it on. Take a stick and write it in the sand. Create a symbol for it.

Then release it come the New Moon {28 days from tonight}

Allow it to be free.  Carry on.  Stay stoked on the Now.

Take note on what begins to unfold.

You got this. 

You are God/ess. Don't you dare settle for anything less.