Our Word. This spring.

It feels so different, the coming up and into, this meeting of spring from the longing and darkening of fall. There's opening, a hole, a cleansing, a revealing. An instigation to open our eyes when keeping them closed feels rather comfortable.  And an energy that is so transitionary it's exhausting and overwhelming and stretching and demanding and yet honey-sweet and seductive.  We came come above surface,  just like that. Opening our mouth and swallowing some water with particles of Before and took a big first breath and screamed. And the light is a beacon of truth, a slashing of denail, shining on everything I want or don't want or have or don't have. Illuminating both the love and the hate.  And yet, it's fresh, ya know? It's like lemons and mint.  It's like plopping in ice cube in the water.  It's like slow walks across the room to pull the shades.

 There is a re-invention that we can count on.  There is no way to not be born.  It's not really a choice, it's what Is.  And it's just about now. And so how will we pay attention to this?  To the sun that lays down ribbons dethawing.  To our bodies that have shed the withered and decayed.  To what's our most crystal and stinging and blissfull truth.  What are the sounds of this new vision? What will we name it? What will we do.

Let's write our way into Spring.  

My two business architypes are creator and alchemist.  What I love to do most is to create straight from my immaculate flame of a heart and hope that in some way alchemy happens.  For me. For you. For the everything. Even just for the moment.  And when I do this.  I feel alive. 

I am so honored to be offering Our Word:the collective guide to intuive writing as an on-line course once more. Last round was a river of words and stories and poems and collobrative chit-chat that was more like molten lava and willow trees and black leather and cowgirl boots.  It was dust bowls and fairytales and wolves and struggle. There were roots. There was shift.  There was an understandings that there is nothing to know in order to write.  And that writing doesn't always bring us to any sort of knowing. But even so, when we do it, it's like a soul explosion. And we carry on in the practice of seeking.  And all of us, guides and participants, we became friends.  We formed a collective not only of writing - but of trust and compassion and support.

Let's face it.  We all need each other on this journey through this writing life. 

This Spring has some devoted and passionate and radical guides. Big. Bright. Bold. Huge hearts. Mad skills. Serious magic.  It's kinda like a revolution. No joke.  Come write it with us. 

Alisha Sommer, one of my favorites in the world with all her charm and depth and mystery returns and continues to explore Truth.  

Super stoked to have my dear friend Isabel Abbott taking us through Naming.  She's pretty much The Orginal bad-ass and her words are electric shock. 

C. Delia Mulrooney's writing the body kinda gives you chills and the chills tell you the words, the narrative that comes from your bones and muscles and nerves and bloood. 

And then there is Rachael Rice who I want to be when I grow up and whose understanding language as visual makes me want to jump in a hot spring of wildwords.

And me.  And I don't know what I am or what I do right now.  Except that I am trying. And get better at living, and seeing and feeling and looking outside myself to see myself better. And learning how to say it, say it so it means something, anything. And to keep moving on. 


 I am just really excited.  And humbled. And giddy. And ready. So very ready.  Are you?  
{go grab a notebook and pen and sign the hell up with then.}

In the fall of 2013, I stated, out loud, that I wanted to be a part of an inspiring and inspired community of women.  As a writer I was enjoying my solitude, but I was not necessarily acting on the daily practice of writing.  When I joined Our Word, I was terribly, and immediately inspired by the exercises as well as the community of wonderful women that also chose to "attend" our virtual group. I hope that this circle will continue, and realize that I am now part of a group of magical women altering the universe.  

- Melissa A., Our Word, Fall 2014