Community + Deep Found Love.

Beltane is the season {i think of it more than a day, but a marking of a period before Summer Solstice} of maturing life and deep found love.  This truth vibrates down to my inner bones, the same bones that have been wet and cold and alone all winter long sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming up and scheming up.  I have been frozen, and in solitude {as much as a person like me can be in} which is healthy and normal and true- it's the time for stillness and hope, the place where we seek the moment of the deepest, truest found love.  The kind of love that finally, when it reveals itself, wakes you up. 

As soon as I Woke Up,  I saw what had been in front of my forever really, or at least a real
ly long time.  A beautiful and undeniably healing thing: community.  It was time once again to wiggle out of the heavy woolens of reclusiveness and slip into lightness of togetherness. It was time to celebrate the life that has grown, the fertility that creates and the love that finally can be seen and felt against the skin.  The kind that is meant to be scattered and spread, blown with a kiss to the wind, because it's not only ours, it's everyones. 

We celebrate the seasons over here in both subtle and outrageous ways.  My girls are not suprised to walk in the backyard to raging fires or to find slivered roots all over the living room floor.  The know how to honor equal time and how to say goodbye to light and hello to the darkness passionately.  Sometimes it can be challenging to find community to gather and just be, no formalities, no rules, no agenda or dogma, but just down home, good time, seasonal fun.  As the tulips open and the lilacs seduce the side of the house and the apple blossoms tempt our senses, the community rises up and shows up and we gather, but it looks different than it did in the winter.  There is more yellow and turquoise and water and dirt and seeds and fruit to share. There are more shoulder bared and baskets filled. And this is my wish for everyone.  To have this, in some shape or form.   To get wild and celebrate this season. To be open and free.  To let the kids run and not worry if things are done or done right, and to just live in the moment of this deep love.  To walk out your own back door and find all the medicine you need.


My daughter Mia {aka Artemis} goes to a wonderful school here in Bellingham that is best described as a democratic learning center.  Mia is an experience-based learner, she does well with 4 day school weeks, making her own choices, and sitting on the floor and couches and art table versus desks. She hates worksheets and doesn't really want anybody to tell her to not run outside barefoots. Because of all these facts and because I refuse to let me daughter's childhood feel like a "job" , we are so insanely blessed to have this school down the street, a place where her passions and needs are met where she's at.  

We have also been struck by love of Jupiter to have our dear Latisha of Sunflower Herb Farm move down the way from us.  Both Latisha and I lived in the desert together {but never met until I moved to the PNW 7 years ago}. When her and her love soaked little family moved up here to the land of sand and moss to pursue their dreams of creating a space where herbs grow and community gathers, we were pretty sure we did indeed land in Eden. 

Last week on Beltane these two communities blended into one {I love to see the gathering of tribes} when Latisha invited Wheels of Life Community School over for a fun and festive May Pole dance.  

We kept it easy.  

Latisha drummed. 

The kids wove in an out, together and apart, they collided and tangled. they made a beautiful, perfect mess. 

We laughed. 

We ate. 

We blessed the land and the season in our raggamnuffin way. That's how we like to roll, that's how we have the best kind of fun.  Being fully ourselves.  This is the best way to make community. And to keep it alive. 


May the rest of spring be fertile and true,