{What's Love Asking you?} The Lover's Throw. All Love. {Every day} but especially on Friday.

I’ll admitt it.  I am obsessed with Love. 

I always have been.  I am that girl. Always in love, asking for love, willing to love, never giving up on love, letting love rule me.  Believing Love is all we need.  Utterly confused by love.  Screaming mad at Love. 

I trust love and the story it has to tell. I trust that when dwelling in love,  I will be guided well.  Love, in all its forms, is what changes me every day. 

I am, without a doubt, a love activist.  

But I also will admit, I don’t know anything about love.  Love is wholly mysterious and I am so grateful to spend the rest of my days in the presence and practice of Mystery. 

Most of junk around love is that we don’t receive love because we don’t think we  are worth Love. But we were made for Love. 

We are worth so much to Love. Love needs us just as much as we need Love. 

I have had many requests from clients to do throws around love; their relationships, marraiges, their lost loves, their found loves, how they can love themselves more… that I decided to dedicate every Friday- the day devoted that sensual and beautiful goddess Venus-  to do throws in the Exploration of Love. 

We are talking all kinds of love here.  Self. Partner. Creative. Family. Universal. 

I will do more than just “throw cards” and read them. Consider this a session around The Lovers card, like an experience and invitation in the tarot deck telling us we are ready- to come together, to unify, to be beloved, to be free.  The Lover’s card asks us to embody what The Lovers means to you and the rest of the deck provides profound insight.  It asks: what can Love do for you and what can you do for Love?  

We will focus on Love:: any way you need it and any way it needs you.  We dive deep into the story around love for you, find out who the players are, get clear on what you are looking for and how to better live in Love’s fullest glory and to learn from her nourishing mystery.

How do I love myself? How am I shutting love out? Is our love the future love?  How can I speak love’s language?  How does Love want me to create? How can I invite Love in? Should I stay or go? What is love asking of me? What is beloved to me? What choices do I have in love? What is the story of my coming together, merging, spiraling as One Love? When will love meet me? Where is love in my life? And where isn’t it? What do I need to let go of? {just some examples of seekings we can explore, or not, it’s all about you, darling}

* * * 

Every Friday, the day that Venus rules upon with all her love and devotion and beauty and power, I will do three sessions/readings and I will schedule out a month in advance. I may not offer this past St. Valentine’s day, so there are only about 4 Fridays that this may happen.

The first 10 people who sign up also get a insanely delicious Lover's Potion, wildcrafted with roses and motherwort and thick, rich honey, sacred to Love and a tad of spirits {whiskey} to keep things fresh and warm…  and mailed to you as soon as you sign up for a reading. 

How your Lover's Throw will work:: 

Make sure your paypal has your correct mailing and email address. Once I recieve payment from you, I will contact you with some questions and allow you the opportunity to tell your story. I will also let you know what Friday you should expect your reading and when your responses need to be back to me. 

This is about the self and our own relationship and healing with love; Love as an energy and experience, self-love, partner-love, and universal-love. All of it: Love.

Each reading is $100 and can be delivered via written PDF or Video. Because of the energy of Venus- the goddess of love- Friday is a *very* powerful day to do this work.  Payment plans available upon request. 

photo by Be Seen Photography