Do You Know Who Your Ancestors Are?

{excerpt from my latest writing at Over The Moon Magazine}

As we enter Fall and get closer to All Souls Day (Day of the Dead, Samhain, Hallow’s Eve; depending on your culture/religion), it’s time to prepare ourselves and our space to receive the wisdom from those who guide us from the other side: our ancestors.

There is a power in having a connection with your ancestors. These are the spirits in a realm directly connected to you. They watch over and protect you, they help ease your suffering and  if you listen closely, they give you great wisdom and help light your path.  I believe they are always guiding our ways and the closer our connection with them and the more clear our communication is, the more ease and clarity and peace we have in life.

But first, you have to identify them.

Not all of us feel connected to the memory of people who were once alive and in our lives. But there are ancestors waiting for us way beyond remembered history who are asking us for a connection. Maybe your grandmother or great-grandmother wasn’t a nice person. Or maybe you didn’t even know her. Maybe you’re adopted and don’t know your real bloodline.

None of this matters. Beyond any memories or any stories we know, there are wise beings in the heavenly realms whose soul purpose is to help us with our karma. And they may be hundreds, thousands of years back, but they speak through your lineage. They will speak through a familiar face  or come through someone who was close to you. And this time of year, we can tap in and nurture these relations, honor them and give them space to come forth and love us even more.

But here is the thing: not all who have died are ancestors. Not all spirits are here to guide us. Some are still lost along the way.  They are seeking ways to become an ancestor from the other side.

Being raised Catholic, I see these souls as ones we used to “pray for” in “purgatory” so that they can elevate and get into “heaven.” (I only use quotes here because these would not be the language I would use now, but it’s still relevant and makes sense.)

So we need to spend time in prayer or meditation, visualizing who is near us, who is totally lifting us up and shining a bright light on us, as well as who might be in our space and weighing us down. They are not bad or evil, they are just lost and they can’t guide us. Get clear. Ask those who are not yet ancestors to please leave your space and that you will pray for their ascension. Then focus on your bright guides, those who are clear, and commit to connecting with them.

It may all sound crazy, but it’s truly only our culture that doesn’t revere and communicate with the dead. It’s really only our culture that doesn’t talk about this kind of stuff like it’s totally normal.  We have no atlas or teachings anymore.  And there is a huge gap in our spirituality when we don’t make honoring our dead a daily prayer.  This our closest connection to the other world.  Those who have been called to guide you from the other side and literally waiting to co-create with you.......