Interview with Carrie-Anne Moss at Annapurna Living

If you know me personally, you will know how the gorgeous human and creatrix Carrie-Anne has gifted my life in many ways.  So- it's an *extreme* honor to be featured as one of her  Annapurna Living Women today on her healing + lovely inter-web-home.

Here is a little slice of the interview...

photo of me and my girls by my beloved sister and personal visual historian:  Danielle Cohen

photo of me and my girls by my beloved sister and personal visual historian: Danielle Cohen


It’s always changing. One thing I have learned in these almost 42 years is that I don’t do well unless I create the freedom to change things up. So I take it day by day. No rules.

But I always take a big inhale and let out a big exhale. And then I begin. I smile at my husband {if he’s still in bed} and make eye contact. Connect. And kiss my youngest daughter, who may or may not be in between us.

My bed faces a west facing window and on the sill there is a white ceramic statue of Our Lady, Mother of The Sea. I have seen this statue my whole life; it was always somewhere in my house growing up. She was my first image {besides my own mother} of the Feminine I ever saw. I spend a few minutes in bed looking at her, the sun and Mount Hood waking up behind her and I have a very simple practice of saying “Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me.” These words come from the ancient Hawaiian + South Pacific forgiveness practice of Hoʻoponopono. I make it my own by saying “Thank you,” because I always want to start my day with being extremely thankful for being alive and breathing. A human here on earth—what a gift!

I used to have a very strict practice of yoga every morning before I had children. I taught yoga for a decade and owned my own studio. So I have this devotion to it. And after kids...if I didn’t practice every morning—alone before anyone woke up—in the way I thought I was “suppose” to, I would be annoyed and I would feel like a failure. What kind of practice is that?

I realized—and I hate to admit it took me longer than I would have liked—that my yoga practice is now my life practice. My spiritual practice doesn’t happen on the mat. It happens in buttering the toast. It happens when we are woken up in the middle of the night by a little girl who had a nightmare.  It happens with my pre-teen and hormonally-inspired daughter pushes me to my edges. It happens as soon as I wake up, yoga or not, and choose to breathe in and out. I have learned to let go of expectations about how things look.  

Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, most of the year we like to start our day with warm drinks—so it makes sense that coffee is so popular here. It’s delicious. But my adrenals don’t always like it. I run high in the anxiety department and I don’t need to amp that up even more so I make my own warm elixir of raw cashews, matcha {green tea powder}, dates, coconut milk and a bit of honey. Elixir making is a ritual for me that says :: I am this important :: to take up space and nourish myself in this way before I nourish anyone else.

There is a reggae song called “Smile” by The Silvertones that goes “It’s best to rise with a smile on your face, just like the sunshine all over the place…” My partner and I made a pact when we got married that those lyrics would be our morning theme song for each other and for our kids. Even if we just rise with a smile, we are doing something good for ourselves and everyone around us............

Go here to read the entire interview and to browse through Annapurna's amazing website - specifically check out Carrie-Anne's meditation e-courses- they are utterly simple and yet profound, life changing. 

with love, fire, grace- 


photo by  Danielle Cohen.