when you write.

photo by  Danielle Cohen

when you write, write with your womb and heart all out. 

this means the fall out, the land minds, the broken down trucks, the look outs at night, the loss, the water, the running, the diving and wrapping around.  the aching hollowed and shaken hallowed. this means the going big, bigger, biggest of all because there is nothing too large for your heart and your womb can fit an entire world.  and knowing that in the small,  in the quiet barely there moment of you, a seed was planted. and it will grow. this means there is no hiding from yourself. because you will break the surface. because when you write with your womb and your heart on the page, you, the real you, the voice you, the essence of you, will always be found. 

write with the darkest sky coming from your hip. 

shoot it out from the place under your skin, from a place under the underneath layer of it all. and don’t hold back. get the gun out. blast the shadow to the page. see it there. raw and untamed. not careful. not considerate. not polite. this is the story of your blood, of your truth, the deepest darkest most expansive hue of the nothing and endless and you.

unzip yourself and don't hold back. 

and let the doves fly right out and land in the sky as heavenly beings and otherworldy energies. you don’t know whats inside there, deep inside there, like deep, deep, deep inside there,  until you get your skin undressed and let it loose against your ankles and go undereath the rib cage and unbotton beneath that bottom layer and open the window up and let the winged ones tell a story about a time when the cosmos was your original home, let them fly there and gather something good and bring it back to you.

there is nothing that shouldn't be said. 

nothing. everything is game. even what isn't fair is still game. why do you care what the paper thinks? why are you scared of what you have to say. write the one or one million things you think you are not allowed to say. write all the things that will cause trouble. write everything that will make you cry. write the stuff that would make others back down and die. it's okay. it's just you.

your words are a prayer to yourself. 

what if you just sat down and knew that. that you are your god. and your words are the beads. and each one is a healing force.  every nine words in a line is a novena unto the world. hail mary full of fire the lord is you. {that’s 9}

they are sewing together a new world. 

the amazing thing is you get to pick the color and the language and the sound of the sea and the crackle and pop of the vinyl.  you get to design the flavor and the intensity and the after tastes and after thoughts and after lifes. this is all you. 

your words are stars shooting through your veins and rolling down your fingers, flames and waterfalls. 

i mean really does more need to be said?  what if. and what if you did. and if what if you believed that this, all of it, coming out right now was everything that brought life into light? everything that everyone is meant to turn into? what if it was more than words and more than electrical current and more than all the water we know exists. what if it was more than you knew?

your words are constellations blown out in front of you. 

and every time you just let it go, without a care, without a plan, without a knowing, without thinking you are smart or have something to teach or something important to say -- but instead you just made a huge mess on the paper.  and you let yourself creating 3 billion new stars for three billion new light years for 3 billion new feelings of innerbeingness.  rely on more than your eyes and ears and memory. rely on something more. there is more than you. there is only you.

who are you to say no? say yes. let this yes be the art that explodes you.

let this be your art.

stop letting it be something else.

we on graced on this earth to create. we chose this. knowing this.  this is the love we bring. this is the truth we tell. we are limitless ways to transform and transmute obstacles into messages, into living symbols, into songs, into sounds, into something we know and want and must true. this is the art that is making a new world. this is the art that your words can do.

photo by  Danielle Cohen

{both of these photos were taken of me in my most precious element by my dear friend Danielle. Over time, the work she creates so effortlessly, becomes such a muse for my words. My words want to dance with her vision. I am grateful. All of creation is so beauty and worthy and a real life story of the Divine}