Support each other in the darkest of times.

Support each other in the darkest times.

Why do you need to be right? Or your right to cancel out someone elses? The greatest lesson in this entire thing, in this time of confusion and fear, is not the who or what or why.

Please choose to heal and connect and listen and care for each other.  Please support each other with the subtle sense of sameness even when we cannot see eye to eye or heart to heart.  Support each other in the differences.  Our cells are 99.9% the same.  The .1% of difference is this fucking jewel, the essence, the nothing-else-in-the-universe like it.  It is our wise one, our teacher particle, and in each one of us not only should there be a student ready to learn and listen, but a teacher ready to be vulnerable and share what it is only they have to speak in truth. 

We support each other in these darkest times by realizing there are no more sides, no flips of the coin. Instead we are all on the same island, a sacred and holy place, and she is alive, she is holding us up.  And somewhere deep down every single one of has the same original intention, the nameless reason we came here, this reason we want to love. I have to believe it. And it has a different name and expression for each of us, but down to the dancing helix of our identity, it is all the same.

And the only way it evolves it’s way from being embedded deap into the bedrock of our cells, is for us to support the ones around us, the ones that come into our lives, intimately and casually. To say: I UNDERSTAND YOU. And may that be permission for them to understand you as well.

Somehow, reach out. Ask a question. Listen. Tell a story. Tell your truth.  Without it having to be a direct opposition to anyone elses. Why does it have to be?

Be ready to make people crack open and fall apart and get angry and get sad and also get blown away in gratitude and receive you.  Get ready to be questioned.  But… be ready to be Love.  Be love. More than anything at all. Be love.

It’s dark. The embrace we are capable of will heal us. It will. This is where my blind hope and faith have to come in. Where I grasp to believe.

Because even though I have a million choices I can make, I have to make the one that carries me on, uses my imagination to create a world I know is possible.  The world I came here to make true.

Today ::Receive a story from someone that makes your blood boil.  Receive it for what it is worth to the other.  Do what you need to do with it on your own.  Later. Burn it down. Breathe it out.  Know it’s not yours to own.  Trust.  And let it go.  

Today :: Let your story be received.  How you feel.  What you want.  Tell someone who sees it differently than you.  But trust that you will tell it as your own, as your own personal experience.  Tell it with your heart wide open.  Be vulnerable. Be you. In your eyes, show love, as you tell the story, know that whether or not you are heard or not…. doesn’t matter.  You are worth telling it.  

Before you receive or give your story today- surround yourself in a protective shell of light.  Bring yourself deep inside yourself.  Ground into the Earth. And let what needs to be said be filtered through that light and all that comes from outside of you, let it only enter you after it is filtered in that light. 

It is all practice.

But we need to do this for eachother.

We need to get over ourselves.

By trusting ourselves.

And trusting others.