capture this.

Capture this feeling right now.

The feeling of soft saddness. Of having to surrender. Of not knowing what to do. Of vulnerability.  Of anger. Of passion, seeking, questioning.

That feeling of wanting the other person to go first at a four way stop sign.  And the feeling of giving them a big smile as you wave them through first.

That feeling when the sun that hasn’t been out in several days slices down into a small line on the sidewalk and you run to stand in it, to walk through it, to carry it with you like it’s the most precious thing you have ever walked through.

Capture this. Capture this feeling.  I will not tell you everything happens for a reason because I think that is bullshit. But here we are.  Now what will we do? This feeling that we know something is next and it depends on us.  And our trust.  And our love.  And our cracked open rib cage revealing the heart of our souls.

Capture this feeling. Because somehow, as intense as it is, this is how we should feel like a lot of the time.  Craving connection. Wanting to do our part. Looking at each other in the eye and wondering what’s next. 

Capture this feeling.  This is what it feels like to be alive. Grateful. Knowing how easy it would be to not be here, in a moment’s time.