Hope <<>>

The first week in advent has been all about Hope. The girls and I have been talking about it a lot- about what it feels like to have hope, how important it was for people of the past to have hope and how utterly important it is to have hope now. We've been doing some fun rituals around hope, simple, because they are kids.  And the Star card has been our totem this week. And Star chocolates too of course......

* * * 
The wild storm that took down all that we stood for has exploded. 

There is such peace and stillness after the storm.

There is hope.  Hope may be even more important than love. 

This is the Star.

Think of all the stars you know.  Write them down.  Ones that come to mine off the top of my head:

Mary the star of the sea

Sirius the dog star

Star of the magi

Star of Bethelahem 

The morning star 

* * * 

What makes a star for you? What are it’s qualities? What magic does it bring? What does seeing stars evoke for you?

What does the light and heat of a star feel like against your heart? 

The Star shows up now, in the darkest month of the year.  The Star is the return of the daughter, she who brings the worlds together, who teaches us how to receive from heaven and also how to generously give to what lives above. 

She rises, just like persephone, such great hope for the mother that life will continue, that light will prevail. After a long journey of falling down and cracking open and seeing all the shadows and all the broken bones and all the brokenness of our foundations, The Star explodes into Light, a promise of spiritual evolution.  A gift of spiritual inspiration.  An invitation to move beyond.  And all is well, all is good.  Have this hope.  Trust this path.

* * * 

In many tarot depictions of that card a lush and fertile maiden goddess is both giving and receiving water.  The Star can shine when we offer our trust and we can receive back the gift of hope. 

How do you long for The Star to show up right now?

What does it give you hope for? 

What is it asking you to do, to put into action, to become The Star herself?

What do you have to give?

What are you waiting to receive?

Do you have hope?