Know Your Worth. or. The Idea of Worth is Worthless.

Know your Worth.  I mean it. 

It’s one of the most important knowings you can have.  

There are a lot of unknowns out there, plenty of mystery. But not around your worth. That must be a known. 

I’m sorry. I sound so bossy. But really it’s me that I am commanding this to. 

I figure if I need to hear it, there’s got to be a few of you out there that could as well. 

But how? 

How can we “know” our worth. What does that even mean? What an open-ended demand. How can we “know” it in a culture that defines worth very specifically. How can we re-tell the stories, the ones we tell ourselves and those that have been passed down to us? How can we write and live an entirely new Gospel of Gold? The one that says very clearly, there is nothing to really know, because we are born with this:: 


We are born with it just as we were born with hearts, bones, flesh, skin, a nose, but even better because worth can’t break, burn, or loose it’s sense of smell.  We are born with it because we said yes when we took our first breath and it became imprinted in us, worth became the atmosphere for our essence to thrive. 

Worth is limitless.  Worth is Existence. We were born,  so we are worthy of everything we have and everything that longs {IS DYING TO} to grace us, just waiting for us to receive. 

Here is another thought:  The idea of worth is worthless. 

Because the story of unworthiness is just a lie. 

The simple fact that we are here, now, amongst the mind boggling number of living forces that grace the universe shows us we are here under extreme privilege, and with great responsiblity to understand and live this privilege.  What this means is that our worth is the worth of a living god, that we are the living god, and that we have the capacity to do living god-like things.  

You know, like create new stories and make this world more beautiful,  a place we all know it possible, a place that is totally livable-  for ourselves and for everyone here. It’s basically our foundational job here. And we can’t do it when we don’t get the whole worth thing. 

How can we be paradigm shakers and new world makers if we feel unworthy of god status? How can we truly live our vision when we don’t really believe our voices, our power, our place, our dollar value are good enough to show up as god. 

Fuck that. 

No matter who we were born, or what we do, our worth remains the same.  Maybe not to others, but that’s because we don’t get it yet ourselves. Once we get it, everyone else has permission to as well.  Once we get we are Gold, and when I say gold I mean the star-stuff, the sun stuff, the sparkley particles of life force breezes that are omnipresent, that make up our skin, that make up our song, that make up our inimitale glow. 

Worth is not a product of anything- looks, talent, acomplishments, popularity, bank accounts- none of it matters when it comes to worth. Highly “successful” people, defined by this culture still don’t feel worthy, still don’t own their divine worth, still walk around feeling like they can’t do what they really want, or be loved as they wish, or love as deep and true as their blood desires to. 

Your Worth is immeasurable. 

Your Worth is unchanging.

Your Worth is the Magic of All There Is that manifested us, that manifests within us, giving us the full choice to be here, now, as we are.  Worth is what connects us to everyone and everything. Worth ends the story of seperation and bring us all, as unique and as individual as we can be, into a sense of Oneness. We stop comparing. We stop being so goddamn judgemental.  Because we are all worth the same amazing endless amount of gold, exactly the same. But we need to believe in ourselves to find our own unique expression of this gold. 

Worth is self belief.  

Do you believe you are alive?

Okay then.

You are undefined and boundless Worth. 

Worth cannot be taken from you, no matter what you have been through.   All the defeats and illusions of failure, of falling and dying, of giving up and folding are just part of the journey why we are here, and Worth… it remains your chariot, your way, your path, what keeps carrying you on.   You are worth your shitiest times and you are worth your brightest moments, because they all are worthy, because they all are yours. Even the worst choices you have ever made are worth it. You are a living story of impossible perfection in an imperfect world. Get it?

Here is a story that actually got me writing this all down in the first place. 

I was talking to my 86 year old dad, Sonny. He’s a rock star in my eyes, an enigma, an original bad-ass.  From an immigrant family, he was born the youngest of something like 10 kids.  His family struggled through the height of the depression, lost the father {my grandfather}, was forced to wear state clothing and ate free food from the church.  He was a cultural minority in the small town they landed in and had to figure out really hard stuff and fast, like by age 10 year old, things like how to survive in the world. And he did, because like I said, he’s a rock star, and he's my daddy. But money was always an interesting thing growing up with him- it really did define his worthiness in so many ways… and of course mine too.  Anyway, him and I were talking on the phone the other day and he asks me if my business is making any “good” money.  I told him the truth: some and sometimes.  But I’m a mother {in this roll with my kids, while they are small, i feel my worth fully- so part of this practice is naming the places you feel your worth, leaning into there}.  I certainly am not bringing in 6 figures {if i was i wouldn’t be doing a course on worth, I’d be selling you ways on how you, too, could get rich while drinking lattes in the park}.  So my dad says to me,  “Ya know, Mary, I am shocked you aren’t a millionare yet, seeing how creative and smart you are. You should be rich by now with all that talent you have.” 

I love my dad.  I knew what he meant. I know were he comes from. I know his heart. 

But this really triggered me. Like really. 

Why weren’t my numbers bigger? Why am I holding back on so much? If I was so damn smart and creative, shouldn’t I be totally over freaking out about money? WHY AM I NOT IN THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE? DO I HAVE ROTTON MONEY MOJO???? 

Worth is one of my biggest “things” in life,  ask my astrologer, he’ll tell you it’s a RAGING RED FLAG on my chart.  Money is a big piece around worth for me, because money is part of what I come here to heal.  And as for my dad, and his money shit, I take on this story, deeply, in my cells. I can feel it.  I should have more money but if I don’t... I am actually not: intelligent, creative, brilliant, expressive, funny, nice, good…etc…. This is my story. And what a fucking story it is.  And I have friends with just the opposite stuff. Their stories are about ancestral abundance and the guilt and shame that goes along with having a ton and the story of unworthiness around that. 

So we all have something. You aren't alone. No matter what your something is. 

Worth sometimes can and also never mean a number. My brillance and creative power have nothing to do with what I bring into my bank account.  People always say “name your number”. That’s fine.  Name your number. But there is no magic number that has to do with worth. It’s  just a number, magical no doubt about it, but it’s not equal to you. 

No matter what “your number” is at any given moment, your worth stays the same.  Worth is not made of a number, and when we got our worth down, the numbers can’t possibly matter anymore.  And so any number works, when it works. 

When Worth begins to guide us we slip into the silky sexiness of golden divinity, creating value systems that offer exactly what we need, or want, or desire. 

When we live in the essence of Worth we become untouchable.  And totally, utterly touchable. 

We can think of this in terms of everything: health, race, size, shape, gender, right brain, left brain, bass heavy, treble heavy. All of it. There is no opposite of worth. 

And so all this. And more. So much more. It’s important stuff, don’t you think?

It’s the stuff that everything seems to stem from. Like how we love ourselves. What we create from our deepest place + how we share it.  How we worship and pray and heal. How we give. How we fuck. How we eat. How we show up in this world, in general, and very specifically. 

Show up as you are, 100% Golden.  


If you are interested in exploring all this with us, truly digging into the ideas around these concepts, we would absolutely love to have you join the Amulet Community’s first ever course::: GOLD.  

The biggest thing we can offer you are stories + PRACTICE.  Because it’s in our personal practices of Worth that we will truly begin to live in it, become it, remember it's always been with us.  

Things that will come your way in Gold:::

*{Self} Appreciation

*{Self} Seduction 

*{Self} Empathy

*{Self} Nourishment

*Personal ritual + meditations

*Personal boundaries practice

*Meeting our needs + having them met

*Unapolegetic Self-Expression of our Worth 

*Honoring Voice. 

*Outwardly owning our privledge of being human, of being here, of being alive. 

Click here to learn more about ::GOLD::21 days of practicing and owning your work.



I am honored to hold this Gold space with my friend + co-creator Danielle Cohen. Between the 2 of us there are 7 kids, 2 husbands, multiple businesses, 2 dogs and a whole lot of hours spent talking about everything from what to make for dinner to our deepest desires and challenges. We've of course have had many conversations around amulet, what she is most wanting to express next and how we want to show up in service for our community, something we are both fully devoted to. The conversation of worth and our relationship, awareness and solid knowingness of it is so big, so potent, so essential that we knew this was where we needed to go next. So Gold was born, a 21 day journey into the practice and cultivating of our sense of worth. We believe whole-heartedly that worth is inherent and that being sometimes being human means we vacillate regularly about just how worthy we are.  The awareness of worth impacts everything we touch and care about; relationships, sexuality and our body, money and what we called here to do, how we treat ourselves and others in so many life situations. 

 So we wanted to shine the light on our worth individually and collectively, to create safe space for you to explore and challenge the obstacles and distractions that keep you from experiencing your full worth. We are excited to dive into the question and practices in ways that support this journey of worth. To make gold extra radiant, we've invited Hannah Marcotti, nita rubio and bari tessler to share a day of their worth gems. we are truly so excited about what we've made for you. The biggest thing we can offer you are stories + PRACTICE.  Because it’s in our personal practices of Worth that we will truly begin to live in it, become it, remember it's always been with us.


Trust us. Trust your worth. Sign up here:


*photo credit: Amulet co-founder, Danielle Cohen