SELF LOVE: unplugging. being quiet. listening. gettin' down with your priestess + priest.

{another small excerpt from the soon-to-come book Seduce Yourself}

Holy mother of god. Like really seriously. Is it just me or is there a shit ton of shit being flung all around out there?  So much information. Pixels. Sounds. Sentences. Sales. Buy. Fix. Get Rich. Download. Upload. Repeat.  There is So. Much. Noise.  I have been suffering from noise pollution in my brain.

This isn't good for me.  I am a writer with a very short attention span.  And so I soak all these voices in and all of a sudden I have lost my voice, it has been drowned by the sea of masses and I don't know whose saying what.  Was that me? Was that you? Words and images all begin to blur together.  No information seems to matter. It all feels Even when it's not. It's all a big heap of chaos.  The gold getting lost in the gutter.  The stars falling into the black hole. 

And my head hurts.  And I get overwhelmed.  And I sit down to write and I can't mind-delete the stimulation, links, courses, poems, stories, articles, lists, photos, recipes, rants, quizzes, quotes, products, services, brands.

I sit down to remember who I am.  And as much as I like to think that there is a collective unconscious magic at work {i do believe there really is}  all it feels like sometimes is static from a station that needs to be unplugged.  Staticy static. 

Because who are we when we hold the information of everyone else, the information that comes from the outside places, not the eternal treasure of the akashic, but the waves and webs of process and results from the world?  How will we know what we think?  How can we possible curate a unique voice when a million other voices have been running through our heads? 

How can we not judge ourselves when we are seeing the entire world through filters and carefully created moments and intentionally crafted words?  

Look what we are up against?  We are 3 dimensional beings with fat and chunks, and pimples and regular clothes and potato chips and dirty cars and also brilliance and diamonds and gold and power and prose and mystery and seduction and unique gift upon unique gift - and a path, a path we must stay on.  It's not easy these days.  To walk that line.  Of being out there.  And being in here. Because when I am not in here everything I put out there is just imitation and fluff. 

Self-love is a quiet inner power of space of blankness, of nothingness, of silence.

The high priestess in the tarot doesn't involve being seen or heard.  She is about turning in, a still knowingness, an internal place where she can cultivate physic powers and healing wisdom and create the entire mystical world.  She doesn't need to gather information from the outside world, as a matter of fact she doesn't even bother nodding at it's existence, all that matters to her is turning right into her own heart.  She gathers information from her internal records, she accesses secrets from the inner realms, cultivates mystery by being with herself, by spending a long time hearing the One voice within. 

If you feel like there a million voices within, unplug. Just do it.  Stop the 3-6 different ways you can be communicated with.  Close down social media for a moment or longer. Stick with  phone calls for even a few days. Use your landline.  Close up the books, except the blank journal.  Take some baths.  Sit in silence.  Watch the snow fall.  Go camping. Stay in bed. Watch your breath get big and small.  Watch the smoke rise. Look at your feet. Stare at your hands.  Smell your child's neck.  Examine your lovers back. Lay against the earth. Read the message of the clouds in the sky.  Let the information noise pollution fade away... far, far, far off into the distance. Until Poof!   There is only you.  Only you. To love. 

You and you.  

Just you + you = true love + creation always. 

What do you hear?

Oh my god, look at how beautiful you are, just you alone.

Savor this. Savor you. Endless and inimitable you. 

So much love...  from the girl who has been working hard on an information cleanse.  

{my teacher, my daughter who has no problem shutting off the world and being wholly and fully with herself}

Photo By Sula Peal, her big sister.