The Creation Story {the first 7 cards of the tarot + the fool}

I have been sitting around writing and writing about the cards.  And while writing a book around this course, I started getting really into the writing about each card individually.  And then started writing something that appeared to be mini-courses around each card- a journey of sorts in experiencing each card on it's own and develping a writing + ritual practice around it.  Process is so mysterious and wild like that. I had no idea or plans about that but it just came through. And the first mini-course that will be done {soon} is all around The Tower.  There is so much around that card that intrigues me and calls me to use it- personally and socially. I think it's an important card for those of us seeking change- within and without. For the activists and healers, especially. So stay tuned for that little jewel... because it's gonna happen fast. 

And then I thought I should share a little bit here around how I see the cards and how I use them to tell stories.  I made a bunch of videos for this class and figured it would be fun to share some of them here publically... allowing my energy around tarot to be out there a bit. 

I really learned the Major Arcana cards by telling inner-woven stories about them.  I would do this practice daily until I could feel each one and their story both evolve indivdually and as a whole set.  I break them down into sections: cards 1-7, 8-14, 15-22.  The first 7 cards {plus I threw The Fool in there, too} I call The Creation Story.  And here is the video I made about it. 

Take a watch... and try this exercise out if you want to dive deep into the first 7 cards and know them as a whole bang, especially the first seven which feels to me like the birth of consciousness. Tell it again and again... and watch how it shifts and changes depending on where you are. 

It's fun. And useful. And kinda like magic. Enjoy. 

{the gorgeous deck I use in this video is called The Nomad Tarot