Connection + Creation {mountain maiden honey rose face wash}

Why is my nose so greasy?

Well, your hormones are shifting and creating different responses in your body.

It’s soooo shiny.  

She looks in the mirror, pleased at herself, smiling.  What confidence and self-love she has.  By 11 1/2 I was hating my body and picking apart my face and wanting to hide myself behind baggy clothes {by 6th grade I was wearing my dad’s xlarge polo shirts like potato sacks and avoiding eye contact as much as I could}. But not my daughter.  She is here. In her body. Present. Awake. And I am so grateful.

She’s at the moment of change. I won’t go into it all because I respect her space and privacy, but she’s growing up, fast.  She’s almost up to my nose. She still smells like dirt and worms but also like musk and sweetpeas.  She's talking with her hands more and talking on the phone more and she goes into my closet and steals my clothes + shoes.  And they fit.  My baby. The one that made me mama. The one that chose this photo session as her gift  and rite of passage into the year of 11. 

Life is fast.  I try so hard to move through it slowly, to breathe it all in, and hold each moment at the top of that breath before I let it go. Especially when it comes to them.  And one of the ways I try and capture is by creating, making, crafting, and using our hands to connect and commune.  To make simple and useful memories.  Things to pass on.  

* * * 

The sun was pure honey today and the wind brought in small remnants of salted air from over the hills and kinda far away.  The music seemed right and we had everything we needed in the cabinet.  She was in an open mood, which at this age, can be hit or miss.  I looked at her, so connected to who she was,  her verve and beauty, and I saw this moment as a gate to dive in deeper with her. 

Do you want to make a special rose face wash just for you? It will be good for the shiny and be really supportive for your changing skin.  It'll smell good and be so fresh you could eat it too. 

Like my friend Hayley {who wrote about it all right here in her essay We Buy What We Cannot Make, We Make What We Cannot Buy}  we try and make as much as we can from home- for various reasons- our own socio-economics, our vision of post-capitolism + sacred economimcs, wanting purity in and on our bodies, and knowing the empowerment of creating what you need with your own hands.  Connecting ourselves to the motherlines before us that knew things without information streams, but instead storytelling and did not depend on larger, mass produced entities to take care for the self and their families.

And so we got to it. We made a simple, healing face wash for her while she's in that sweet moment of in-between-  from little girl to young lady.  Baby face to goddess face.  And she really deserves the best, made from the earth and with our hands.  We all do.  And the best can be simple, cheap and easy. 

Mountain Maiden Honey Rose Face Wash::: 

Gather together:

*1 cup of raw honey

*1/2 cup of ground rose petals {we used some ground petals from last years wild nookta rose harvest and some from Mountain Rose Herbs

*a bit less of 1/4 cup finely ground organic cane sugar {this isn’t really necessary, but she insisted on some grit in there- personally I don’t think she needs exfoliation - but who am I to argue with her…  I won’t get anywhere with this one anyway.

*2 tincture sized droppers full of your favorite infused oil.  I used a Helichrysum one that I had infused in jojoba oil last year— but you can use any other kind of light oil ideal for young skin. Very little oil is needed.  

*1-2 drops of tea tree essential oil {very little needed}

*1 dropper of Mia's favorite flower + gem essence by Star Essence {not necessary but definitely infuses some magic if your have an essence you love}

We mixed everything together and put it in a jar. 


To use-  she scoops a tablespoon sized amount on to the palm of her hand and runs a little but of water over it and then uses her other hand to mix it up in her palm.  Then she rubs it all over her face in it’s slightly diluted form.  Massaging in circles and gently.

Then, taking a warm wash cloth,  she gently wipes it away. And splashes cool water on her face.  This gives her a great self-care ritual that she does nightly before bed. 

Glowing, soft, loved, honey + rose kissed skin for my girl, the one and only. She who made me a mama and who is holding my hand through this powerful and fierce time as she steps up on her own two feet, towards her moon, towards her sun, towards her potency and vibrancy. Closer to the woman she was always meant to be. 

Honoring the rhythms and the cycles through connection + creation heals and shifts worlds. Instead of feeling like we are growing apart during this intense transition- from child to woman- and with me from mother-goddess to pre-crone, I realize all that I must do to bring us even closer, more dialed in, and living in trust of each other. And it's simple acts like these that can make all the difference.