Justice + One Card Tarot Throw

“As above, so below”

This is the Hermetic axiom that aligns with the teachings of the tarot {specifically the Magicians magical words, but also the entire journey of the Fool}. 

What is happening within us, is also happening outside of us.  What is happening above us, is also happening below us.  We are one. But we are also dualistic. 

And when we integrate the two halves, we give ourselves the chance to meet ourselves in the center.  Right at the place of the heart. 

A few clients this past week recieved the Justice card around how to move forward in their lives, creatively and spiriutally. 

I also received the Justice card this week when asked how am I going to balance and integrate everything in my world right now: the creative work I am seriously diving into- which is some deep ancestral work that is writing and traveling, my family and kids, my co-creations with others, while still trying to make some money running copywriting and writing mentorships.  All this started to feel a bit crazy- like ego wrestling with spirit and life trying to pin down creativity. And me being pulled and tugged at and not seeing clearly the path of blending all the paths into One. 

And then I realized the work at play, the energy asking for my attention. Justice.  The integration of the selves.  I said to a friend the other day, I am totally manic.  I go in for really long periods of time sitting in silence, no motion or action or creation.  Then I am out, totally out, wild, colorful, energized, my voice on high.  I also go for long periods of time existing on coffee, chocolate, and 3 hours sleep.  Then come out of that and go on a superfood bender, bed at 8, and religiously oil pulling. Then there are the times when its all family, all the time. 100% motherhood, homemaking, magic in the kitchen type thing.  Then there are these stretches where I enter my red room and nobody better even knock- because mama is getting her work done- and nothing else really matters. 

I started to judge my manic self. How can that bring health? And wellbeing? Which truly is my ultimate vision. 

Then I listened to the latest Kaypacha Pele Report {if you don’t know him, get to know him now. He is The Real Deal astrologer- if he wasn’t taken and I wasn’t taken, you better believe I’d be figuring out a way to make him my boyfriend:} He curses and laughs and get's all into it and wears the most insanely gorgeous chunks of gemstones.  Sits and talks so right on all the time into his camera in wild jungle storms and lava rocks and beaches- all over the world he's bringing us the cosmic news report. And this week he talks about what’s going on for all of us Above, which means it’s all going on Below as well. 

And he speaks of integration.  The meeting and merging and blending of the two things.  The bringing of the vision from the crown and thrid eye and integrating into the body, the roots, the earth, our life. 

And this, this is Justice.  Justice is about weighting our life, finding an awareness and taking action. To respond to all the polarities by learning how they can become one in the heart. 

The Heart.  The Justice card - in the traditional sequence of the trump cards appears as card 8, but in the modern version {given to us by The Golden Dawn} Justice appears as card 11- the exact middle card for all the Major Arcana cards. 

So basically the Justice card lives at the Heart Chakra, the heart of the matter, the middle center of the body and the story.  Is is the balance that can pull from both sides and bring everything into one, right at the heart. 

This reading will be about that.  That story.  What is above you, below you and how you can integrate and bring it all back to the heart? 

For the next three days only,  I am opening up my books for a 1 card Justice Throw.  Basically all the throws are going to be around integration- in what ways can you blend your worlds together, take action, and meet yourself right at the center, how you can OPEN YOUR HEART CENTER TO RECEIVE WHAT IS ABOVE AND WHAT IS BELOW.  

I will keep my books open until midnight on Wednesday July 10th.  All readings will be delivered via voice recording on Thursday July 11th by midnight. 

These will be the LAST one card readings I will offer until the Fall. 

One card readings are $25. 

I am offering 15 of them and will write SOLD here after all 15 have sold out. 

Please make sure your proper email is associated with paypal.  

Thank you so much.  May there be Justice. And an open heart to return to.  

MaryBeth’s one-card readings are a slice of insight from behind the veil. I love listening to her stream-of-consciousness narration…and the way she stretches mystery is uncanny! My one-card reading was uniquely non-linear and distilled down to the essence of my question. Highly recommend her for a reading! ~ S.T, client