Something must be {un}done: The Tower Sessions: only 4 spots left.

There is this burning inside me.

Hot fire kind of burning.

It’s been there all my life but lately it’s more intense than ever.

And it makes me want to scream. 

It makes me want to thrash and kick and light fires outside myself.

And it makes me feel desperate, like I want to change things and I am not sure I have the tools or the path to change them. 

And it makes me want to know whats under the burning, what is the skeleton left when the flesh singes off.

This burn is power. This burn is energy. This burn is change.   This burn is making space. 

This burning, especially right now, is productive. It is creative destruction. It is in-between here and there.  It's what keeps saying yes, what moves me on, gets me going, keeps me strong, unafraid of the heat or the impeding collapse.  Because the burn will makes things fall. It's inevitable.  This burn wants to live. This burn wants to destroy shit. Torch it. Be done with it. End something. 

Something must be done.

And I know I have the power to do it.

There are some things left to float. And some things that just work itself out. And some things, we are here to burn.  To take down. To excavate until a pile of nothingingness.  Some things we just don’t need.

I know this much is true:: 

*we have been telling {and living} a ton of old stories. 

*we have been *told* and *listening* to a ton of old, broken down, toxic and useless stories. 

*we are still part of an old belief systems, whether we want to be or not.

*we have lifetimes of brick walls built up. Built by you, me, built by culture, built around our truest selves.

*we can't truly show up in the world until we break down and burn some stuff that holds us back

*we are ready to fall into a new paradigm {trusting we all can fly}.

*our voices and personal work matter and are part of the beauty of this burn.

*we have the power *to* be part of the burning down of this world of systemic bullshit. 

*using ritual and re-telling stories *can* change things.

*ceremony is powerful. like really powerful. especially when done collectively. 

*speaking truth and not swallowing passion helps the burn go big and wild.

*we have the power of tdestruction to create + birth new and beautifully profound things.

*our anger is power, a catalyst, another expression of the deep love and passion we feel. 

*we can change this world.

*there can be justice + equality.

*there can be healing + vulnerability. 

*there can be a naked rawness, a newness, a beginning, a liberation, a discover that we all crave and need.

*this house that has been built around us can be demolished. And we can finally see what shines inside it, in the core of the core of the truth.

* * *

The above words birthed The Tower Sessions.  The words that came as soon as I said, okay, fine, I hear you loud and clear.  The Tower card is calling me right now.

I am so entirely excited to circle in the sacred + holy act of conscious + intentional destruction and liberation.  There is a brilliant circle of humans who are ready to show up and say no to what is not working for them... or the world, and taking the time to consciously light fires- from their hearts on out.  It’s love + compassion and also a fierce act of warriorness to care take the self and the Oneness of this universe.  

There is a beautiful story about Durga who comes out of the sea with her sword and chops off the head of the unLovers, of the men who create the wars- in the world and inside their souls. She beheads them out of love, because from their heads, new beauty can be born.  This is work of the Tower.

There are only 5 spaces left for The Tower Session.  If you feel called to do this work, check out more info here.

And remember to ask yourself today :: 

what must burn?

what must come down in the name of sacred chaos?

what no longer serves you?

what longs to be exposed and revealed?

Here is a video of me the day I decided I need to create The Tower Sessions. A wickedly wild winded day at the Oregon Coast- on the Solstice this summer- when I decided I must work even hard to strip down to the truth ::