empress is rising.

The Empress is rising. 

Do you judge the explosions of the earth? Do you condemn and try to silence the waves? Would you call nature rude when she decided to crack and shake and shift everything that was "known" and turns everything into chaotic mystery? Do we play down her fierce cleansing fires and her waters that have the power to take away all life? 

We fear it of course.  We don’t want it.  We aren’t comfortable with it.  We try to create sciences that can predict, but we never can be sure. We revere it.  And we bow down and say have mercy on us.  And no matter what we are given, in return, we always receive love in the form of shelter, nourishment and exquisite beauty of nature’s depth and expression, the love of the most enamored Mother.

When the Empres rises and speaks, she might sprew fire. She may be loud and seething.  She may be wild and sad.  She may be hysterical and nurturing.  She may be quiet and still with a crown of flames.  She may be intelligent and intuitive.  She may be erratic.  She may be jumbled words and raw, messy emotion. 

She is showing up, rising up in any way she can- to show her love for her children, for this earth. Her messages unearth what is beyond the broken bones of this system and reveal what has been hidden underneath, what has been rotting, what is coming into light.

Why are we so taken back when she speaks her mind? Why are we so quick to judge her? To shut her down? To ignore her sentiments because her emotions are so strong, so strong they can cause discomfort.  Why do we try to dress her within confining clothes and give her schedules to adhere to and water down her messages in forms and figurations? Why do we condemn her voice?

When the empress rises and looks the emperor in the eye and says No with truthful cries, unruly howls and yells of freedom, when she begins to scream accusations and testaments of love, we act like we don’t want to hear her. We put our fingers in our ears. We call her crazy.  Insane. Out of place. Because she means real change is coming. Something new is to be born. 

But when do you call a volcano crazy?

When do call a hurricane rude?

When do you call a wildfire manic?

The empress is here. And she’s ready to start fires.  And we need these fires.  She is also ready to flood us with tears of history, herstory, ourstory.  She is ready to stand up, as a leader and be true, to herself, and to all of us, as she is.  She isn’t going to hide.  She isn’t going to remain polite or do what is expected of her. 

She is not an emperor in a dress.  She is not empress speaking the language of emperor. She is an empress.  She is the flesh incarnate of the divine feminine.  She is the living body, the vessleof the great dream of god.  She is who carries creation and births it into her hands and offers it to the world.  This is not a mellow or easy feat.  This takes blood and guts and tears and feelings.  She also wants the wounded emperor to heal. But he needs to make some space.  He needs to be a throne she can sit on. He needs to be the chariot that brings her words and language and ways to us, drives it all back home. 

We are living in a time of systematic bullshit and every ‘ism’ possible is being brought out into the unforgiving light.

We are defining a new economy and running our businesses in ways that seem counter productive but certainly not counterintuitive.  We are told we are doing it all wrong and we need to do xyz to make 17 figures and we need xyz to market and succeed.  Well this is bullshit.

We do things as we do them.  We show up as we feel necessary and true and right and good.  We do it our way.  17 figures or not.  Because the point is to be fully expressed.

We are raising our children as wild wolves, allowing them to be who they are and nothing more, nothing less.  We are loving our loves with liberation, letting go with no grip.  We are eating intuitively.  And we aren’t buying into anything anymore. 

We create the new truth.

And the new truth is Love.

We are the leaders and changemakers and we are right there, on the edge of the paradigm.  And the only way to cross over is to make sure those crowns are on high.  Get ready to be heard.  Stop caring if it sounds too wild, too womenly, too feminine, too erratic, makes no sense and feels out of this world.  Because it is.

And it’s good.

And the world needs it.

All of it.

Be disruptive.

Be emotional.

Be truthful.

Be threatening.

Be dangerous.

Be safe.

Be loud.

Be silent.

Be present. 

Be heard. 

Runs things like an empress. It’s time.

photo by the exquisite empress   Danielle Cohen.

photo by the exquisite empress  Danielle Cohen.

Next Month I will be traveling to Salt Lake City and speaking about embodying The Empress energy.  It's very special party thrown by some very special people.  If you are interested in coming to hear me and a few other insanely fantastic feminine leaders while having some drinks in a gorgeous space in Salt Lake City :: PLEASE let me know.  I can tell you all about. I would love to see/meet you!