Smashing the patriarchy by rising The Empress.

This work is continous.  This work isn’t easy.  We are literally unschooling ourselves from a wounded masculine paradigm, the patriachial system we have been raised within and educated with.  the system that piggy backs our DNA and tries to re-tell the story of our truth, of our original creation, that of the divine feminine coming to earth and making a full body for herself to create with, to enjoy, to savor, to feel all the feelings there are to feel. the feminine is stunning in form and worth, and that story has been hidden, buried, burned.

This is deep stuff.

The Empress, I believe, is a healing archetypes that allows us to rise above but also stay rooted down and solid, not flighty as she rises, but grounded.  She is of The Earth.  She is the physical emobodiment of the divine.  She is us.  We are her.  This is our job, to heal ourselves, to bring her to the forefront, to bring back the original intention of what the feminine hails and then some.

I started writing this for content for a course I am leading this coming week, but it was way too much for such a short time period. I wanted to keep things simple and easy for people to flow through it, to get a good grasp on The Empress energy without overwhelm. But I couldn’t just trash some of the extra content. So I thought I’d share here. Why not.

Here is a list I came up with, just doing some fast and furious writing around all the ways we can rise this empress energy {which in turn makes some serious shifts for the patriarchy} and all the questions we could be living, and all yeses we could be saying, along with all the nos.

  1. We must begin the process of unschooling. Everything we have been taught that does feel whole or complete or true. Unschool.
  2. This means showing up in our family/community unlike any role that has been created. we must create it for ourselves.  this means not explaining ourselves when we show up as we feel called to. this means not cutting ourselves off at the heart to make others comfortable. this work is about being a comforting, nourishing human by doing things that are uncomfortable. discomfort creates change when we get to the other side of it.
  3. this means giving Her a voice. what does your voice sound like now? is it clear? do you feel comfortable expressing it? do you feel another voice, a deeper voice, a truer voice inside you that is rising and aching to be heard? is it a scream? a whisper? a howl? listen and show up in that voice. say what you mean. don’t hide it within a respectful silence or because of ocietal expectations or politeness. be difficult because your passion is WORTH IT. because what you believe in MATTERS. let your voice shake with what you mean not what you think you are suppose to say. be a threat. be dangerous. be radical. be true. know there are endless layers of this voice and you get to keep unearthing them as you wish.
  4. think about business and the whole concept of “branding”. that is a masculine system in itself. what if your “brand” was a story, something fluid, moving, changing constantly to honor your needs, your process, your voice, your love for making things different every single day. what if you didn’t box yourself in, but instead expanded and became all you are, something so you that it’s nameles, formless, raw expression. art. and use the brand chariot as the masculine system that carries you along all the edges of your world. it's useful, but it's only a vehicle, an illusion of something you have been told you needed. if you take it away... *you* should still be there.
  5. on days that you feel different. express yourself differently. the empress is a million things. the point is to be all of her things, all of your things, fully. 100%. change your mind ALL THE TIME. if that's what you want. consistency is an illusion. 
  6. cancel when you need to cancel
  7. show up when you think you aren’t included. if it means that much to you, invite yourself to the conversation with an open heart and see what happens. be willing to be un-invited. but also be willing to be embraced.
  8. call out when calling out is needed. then call in. we don't want to separate, but we can't get anywhere by keeping things nice and quiet.
  9. release stories, systems, agendas that keep you from working and living in a way that is not healthy or true. release all the stories that keep you believing in things or worshiping things that harm your soul, your growth, your heart {burn them, literally, take fire to the words on paper}.
  10. show up as the wise creator that you are, someone who knows that someday will be a wise elder, a grandmother, a person who holds the healing of the world in her old, weathered arms. this is how important you are. someday you will be the one feet are gathered around.
  11. be willing to be messy as hell. allow things to fall apart, all the way apart, including yourself. like, what would happen if you came totally undone. not just a little. but the whole way? allow all the chaos to happen and see how fucking cool it is, what a beautiful thing it is for things to swirl and become utterly unknown and allow for all the holding you need by placing yourself in trust on the earth floor. allow for that risk. be willing to risk a systemic and dogmatic world for a healing and beautiful and stunning place to exist.
  12. be willing and able to piss people off. sometimes sharing our passions rubs people the wrong way because they make it about themselves, because it makes them take a look at themselves, because it makes them look at you differently.  be willing to allow that to happen. say and do what brings you life, always, despite the reactions of others. do not appease people fro friendship or love or belonging. just don’t. you belong to you. your tribe will see that and come running.
  13. if you are privledged-a white empress- own it. if you are an empress of color-speak your story. a true empress will listen always, stand up, hold up, know that listening and looking deeply at the self and coming together is the only way we rise.
  14. stop feeling responsible for other people. you can only show up as an example. you are not here to safe anyone. trust that they can save themselves. by showing up as your own, living, personal savior.
  15. we are here rising. because we cannot help it. because it’s not just about us. it’s about this world. we are the ones here to make it better. to change it up. to shake it up. we are god in physical form, now, right now. it’s the empress who has been squashed down and locked out. this paradigm has distorted her body and created stories about her uses. we are the ones to open a new door. we have the key. we have the wings. we are the smoke that will rise up and inflitrate. we will be known. through our love of this world. through our LOVE for this earth. this is the empress. this is her. this passion.

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