how much do you love yourself.

I love myself enough to say enough.
To say all my nos'.
To say all my yeses.
To do all things despite
Being told my whole life
I am not allowed
Too risky
Not appropriate.
Not for a woman/mother.
Can't. Shouldn't. 
I love myself to erase those words.
I love myself enough to
do nothing, for days. and days.
And I love myself enough to
To not give myself
even enough
room to breathe
because i am so taken
and swallowed
by the hours of hungry creation.
ignoring everything
but the muse
who is breathing down
the back of
my neck.
I love myself enough
To make it be known
in this living room
to every person sitting right here
that i live in love, in love, in love
for myself
first for myself
and what kind of mother
does that? me.
and that love
is the most important gift
i can give to them.
it is the teacher i have.
a mother, who loves herself
enough to live this life
with her special style
of fire, burn, song.
and a lover, who gives a love that is born
from a whole me. not half. not part. not good.
but a whole me. 
a sister, who knows i cannot
circle until i have fully circled myself
with myself first. heard and seen myself. 
then i can hold her.
this is not selfish.
i am burning down selfish.
i am burning down humble
i am burning down vane
i am burning down the roles
i am burning down the cages
of definitions and expectations
and ideas and systemic stories
the ones that keep
me away from me.
i am burning down the walls
the ideas
that there
isn't an ounce of me
than can be
what she is not.

self seduction is liberation.
it is the ultimate practice for self-lessness + non- attachment.
it is a very large gift for this very love deprived world.

i love myself so much, that tonight, on this visionary new moon, i am going to map a trip i have wanted to take since forever and put all my favorite AirBnB spots on the island of Sicily on my wishlist and i'll sit here with the candles lit and embody what it will feel like to lay my cheeks against the dirt, and to write under the smell of jasmine and citrus and sea salt. what it will feel like to be home. i will begin turning this wheel. now. 

magic happens when you love yourself so much that you are willing to say yes to not only what you need, but what you want. usually they are blood relatives. you are not one dimensional. you are not your roles or your jobs or the systems that try and define you. you are you. with an immaculate messy heart. inimitable. an imprint. the most amazing particle of dust, along with the rest of us.

if you want to re- activate your forever practice of self-love through stories, rituals, recipes, and paying darn good attention to your heart, i'd be honored to send you 28 emails to remind you that the love your turn inward, toward yourself, will magnify and potentize the love your send out there. the earth turns because of this kind of love, the love of you.

28 days + 28 revolutionary emails.