riotess. some new prayers to wear.

There are no failures. 
There is just great wisdom.
Those who wish to live intuitively must know this.
When we appear "to fail" we are only finding our way back on path.
We are only listening. To the voice within.
It may look crazy.
It may look wild.
But we are victorious. We are all ladies of victory. What does that mean? We live by the womb and that way will prevail. Always.

As I was stringing these beads I began thinking about all the places and times I feel like I messed up. Like I failed. Like I was utterly lost. Then I had this deep, deep knowing, this peaceful wave come over me. That is all an illusion. I live by the moon and the womb. I live by the trust in my heart. I live creatively. And I am constantly finding my way on Path. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes there are falls. There is bleeding. There is aching. But there is never failure. Because failure doesn't really exist.

This mantra infused this strand: Hail Mary Who Shows Me The Way. Blessed Is The Fruit Of My Knowing.

Our Lady Who Knows Failure Is Just An Illusion is here to protect you, remind you, guide you in following your instincts, allowing you to fall, but always holding you up, always showing you the way, as odd or as scary as it might look. You got this.

Made with love and:
Magical Tree Agate
Spectacular Spotted Agate
Heart healing + Root Activating Carnelian
Ethiopian Bronze
Smoky recycled glass
Our Lady Of Victory medal {made near my hometown and shrine in Lackawanna, NY}
And Vintage "M" centerpiece, an ancient symbol for Mother.


Our Lady Of What Can Never Die was also born in the forest {so many things are born in the forest for me}. One day as I sat down on the ground, looking up at the trees from the wet, dirt forest floor, I swear the tree was looking down at me.  And this tree was probably like 600 years old and had been through it all, ya know? All the things that happen in the forest: lightening, woodpeckers, windstorms, bears, fires, etc. And yet, there She was. So tall. So alive. So wise. So beautiful. Vibrant. And she said to me, "we can never really die". We just drop down and become something else. This forest is made of all there is. The roots are holding it all in place. Together. Together, we all remain alive. Somehow.

And so this mantra, this prayer was Hail She Who Can Never Die... and may her spirit live on in the trees and the dirt, in our hearts and in our stories. Keep this sacred, keep it alive. Keep it alive. Become this living prayer.

This rosary style amulet is crafted with:
-exquisite tree agate
-smooth, grounding heart opening carnelian
-vintage 1970's crystals from the bling stash of a family grandmother- total spitfire- who is in the process of passing on. may her style live on... 
-Ethiopian bronze seed beads
-bronze center piece of the holy mother immaculate heart
-our lady of Guadalupe medal to seal the magical deal.

No Dogma. Only Love.

When our hearts are broken, there is such a beauty that grows from the cracks. When our hearts have been bruised, we soften, surrender, and relax. It hurts, yes, but we know that there is such wisdom and light seeping through. We know there is beauty in the broken hearted. We know that as always, our hearts, heal.

Mantra infused with each bead: Hail Mary, Mother of All, heal my heart. 

This hand strung, magical creation includes: a spectacular spotted agate, smooth and grounding carnelian, vintage recycled smokey glass beads from Africa, Ethiopian brass, and 2 amulets: one milagro from South America and one Immaculate Heart from Italy. 

For more photos and info, you can hop on over to an etsy shop here.
all love. no dogma. forever.

i love love love you.