Wake Up.

{{From The Tower Sessions}}


{this is how Kali says good morning}

We are going to allow the ash of yesterday to settle for a bit and continue on the journey. For some clarity. And understanding. About why destruction… why the NO… is so necessary.

Kali Ma. She holds the power of the destruction of negative ego.

“At the dissolution of all things, it is kala {time} that will devour all. But it is Kali that devours even time, the original form and devourer of all things. Resuming yourself after the great dissolution, you retain your own nature, dark and devoid of form. There, you remain ineffable and inconceivable. Source of all form, you are the multiform power of illusion, the beginning of all, creatrix, protectress, and destructress.” - The Maha Nirvana Tantra

Just like the tower card... Stories were made up about her  to instill fear, in hopes she would loose her power. Stories were made to think we were separate from her, that she was outside of us,  in order to avoid her wrath, we needed to stay away or use her energy for harm. Stories were built up as walls around the actual truth and power of things- the power of the destructive force that comes in the form of fire and sword that come Love. Through Love. Because of Love. 

What if we all knew and understood we had The Tower and Kali energy within us? To direct ourselves and the universe into a more evolved and conscious state? Destroying the negative egos left and right? Chopping the heads off war? Slicing the flesh of shame? Torching the {inner/outer} systems that enslave us? Burning to ground the imprisonment of the one true and holy self?

Years before the Catholic Church thought of doing so, Brahmin priests achieved a level of infamy by selling {for the right price} rituals to make it hail on your neighbors crops, or make their cattle become your cattle. They used the image of Kali The Fearsome to manipulate frightened souls into buying into the priests’ racket. Because she was a goddess and not a god, she was very useful in a society that held women as 2nd citizens. Her unsavory iconography enforced prejudices of women and of the dark and mysterious and turned it into a story to fear. She is represented as ugly. She become something we didn’t want.


photo of original Kali artwork by Jenn Grosso of Perils Of Living. 

When really she is something that lives and breaths within us. And she is a tool, a gift, a source from the endless fountain of energy you contain. 

Here is some truth about Kali.

She is the destroyer of negative ego. The more negative the ego the greater the destructions. No job is too small for her. No destruction too large. This is why her mantra is so powerful. This is why when working with this energy, you really must choose to be intentional and use with utmost integrity.

She's a protectress. She is a voracious warrior who can conquer demon after demon by the square mile, spilling blood into the soil... but if on battlefield she hears a child cry, she transforms into The Mother and thinks only of the welfare of the child, cares and protects with all her love.  Her destructive side is “modulated in a benevolent way, as a force that removes outer and inner obstacles, demons, spiritual blindness and grants the highest realization beyond belief.”- Tantra: The Path Of Ecstacy

So sit with Kali, if you haven’t been singing to her already since day 2, and begin to tap into the destroyer protectress within your own bones.

And then write something. About it. Find a language for her through you. Ask her "what would you do?" and then listen.

Write all the powerful stories of yourself, the destructive protectress creatrix goddess that history has re-written, that someone has re-told. The stories that have somehow turned you shameful, guilty, loathsome, ugly, sick and powerless.


*What stories have been  told about you, what outside yourself history do you carry?

*But really, what is your true story? The one you know is you? The one that cannot be told by anyone but you.

Use Kali to demolish the first one. Use Kali to protect the second one.









Below is an audio of me chatting about chanting. as a tool. and the Kali mantra inna mi own style. 

om and salutations, i attract the dark and powerful one. the dark and powerful one lives in me. i am her and she is me. you are the first one, the dark within your own reality, the supreme primordial feminine who cuts through illusion to the unabridged truth of existence. i invoke you.

Be prepared to face your fears. Be ready to expose your heart. Make space for the changes. Make space for the destruction. Do not pray this until you are ready to do so. Do not pray this until you are ready for bravery and courage. Because for great peace we must all have great courage... {ps. I know you so.}


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