the tower card. bringing it down.

for the next couple days i am going to give away some content from my Living Tarot course: the tower sessions.

it was created last summer and blew up a lot of things in my life and i was told the lives of some of the people who took it.  i feel like it's an appropriate time to share some of it's content on a wider scale. we need to burn so much down. so much of the cultural brainwashing and stories that are just not The Truth. so much of our own attachment to the stories that we cannot just make the connection from stagnant to change. i want us all to change, in all the ways we want to change. i want the world to be a better, safer place for all, not just some. i want to do what i do best to help that. and i am beginning to think it's ritual and magic, it's writing, and it's showing up to heal the womb, which is THE womb, ya know, the place where we all decide if we want to be born or not. 

here is a combo of 2 days content of  The Tower Sessions. if you are interested in all 14 days of content, it's on sale now for $15 and will be just for a little longer. 

much love, xx MB


Now is the time to call in Destruction.

I love words. I love their roots. I love etymology. The word destruction means “to bring down”.

We are going to bring some stuff DOWN.

What is not healthy for you or this world must be brought down to the ground. In fire. In prayer. In a mutual understanding. In honor. In rage. In knowing. It is now over and it can grow again into new, fresh life.

You want to bring whatever down that keeps you from:

Living in a body that feels wealth and health.
Living in a body that feels safe and honored.
Living in a body that is free to feel and release without grasping or holding or attaching.
Living in a body that knows boundaries.
Living in a body that receives pleasure.
Living in a body that is not abused.
Living in a body that remains open to The Gifts.

You want to bring down what keeps the world from:

Living well fed and sheltered.
Living without clutching our hearts in constant grief and fear and anger and desperation.
Living without gags or chains or bars.
Living where lies finally are exposed and brainwashing is revealed and we can begin with a fresh heart, a fresh story.
Healthy breathing and healing.
Being ready for Love.


What you will write today is a list.

Of what you want destroyed.

Take note: There are going to be symptoms. And there are going to be energies that create the systems.

Right now, you can write down both. But keep in mind, we *must* burn down the root cause, the miasim, the dis-ease, the energy that enforces the symptom. We can burn down the symptom, too, because who wants to live in pain? Not I. But if we don’t start at THE SOURCE - the CAUSE- then we will only appease, and not destroy.

So write.

What do you want to scream Burn into.

{maybe you scream it and write it}

What so you want to hold in sacred, dark, powerful space before it becomes a fire.

Let it all flow.

This will be an on-going list. You can add to it daily. Remember. You can move fluidly back and forth from what you want destroyed in your *own inner world* and that of the *outer world*. {more than likely you will find direct connection between the two anyway.

This list is the naming of our stories. The stories are the walls of The Tower. The stories of the larger systems at play. The stories that keep us from being free.

You are the Destroyer Archetype. Right now. Hold your head high. You are the Gods + Goddess of destruction.

You also can do this work without causing harm. To yourself. Or anybody else.

Look around. Look inside. Know that you know.

Make a list. This is your intention setting.

These are things you want destroyed. Just know that. And feel it out. Don’t go back and erase things. Trust your first expression. Trust what you write down.

Then go back and circle the biggest things on your list. At least 3. Or as many as you want.

and write or find notice in ::

1. the presenting symptom of this thing, as in, how does it look form the outside?

2. the feeling it gives you when it arises.

3. and then… dig deep and name a root cause, name the POWER behind the sympton. This power can be an energy, and event, a human, a history.  

Sit with this list today and tonight.

And we will do more work tomorrow.



I am sitting here writing. In between chopping some really hot peppers I got in the mail from NY from my 86 year old father.

Apparently he has no idea you aren’t supposed to ship produce across the country.

Anyway I am making a recipe passed down from him to me. Passed down from my grandmother to him. Passed down from who knows who to her. And I am thinking about my culture, which is a mixed up bunch of craziness that spans across lands, but all rooted on the island of Sicily. And I think about the energy that has carried in my blood. And I think about when my father, who had so many demons, and so much rough luck, a shitty immigrant hand, would sit back with his drink at the end of the day and say to me “You know what, Mary? You’ve got to learn to bury this shit that messes with you. Just burn it and bury it.”

Today we will be having a burning ceremony for the list we made yesterday.

You have nothing to loose. But your chains to these things.

And if they want to come back to you, without needing chains. They will.

Chances are, you are done though.

{trust yourself. even if it’s scary to let go. allow yourself that fear. and be ready anyway.}


This is something to be done at your altar. Or wherever works for you, to be honest. But if the altar is there and it feels powerful, then go for it.

Grab the paper that you wrote your lists, the words on.

Cut it up. This is the first act of destruction. You are dismantling the power of the lettering.

Cut them up into pieces as big or as little.

And then throw them in your vessel that can handle fire.

You can sit for as long or as short as you want.

You can chant.

You can meditate.

You can stand up and pound your feet on the ground around it.

You can cry as you say goodbye.

When you are ready, throw in an offering {herb, tobacco, hair…etc}

Say a prayer. That for the highest good of you, this is over with. For the highest good of your family, this is over with. For the highest good of your community, this is over with. For the highest good of this earth, this is over with.

May the destruction be fast. May the destruction be swift. May it all be burned, may the Tower card offer the crumbling.

And then light that bowl on fire.

And watch it burn.

Down to ash.

Maybe drink your special drink.

And let the ash set.

And get a good night’s sleep. {but drink 3x more water than usual first}

And you proceed today and tonight, feel your exhale, your release going into that bowl of ash. As you walk, feel your feet stepping out the power of that ash.  As you speak, allow your voice to vibrate down the power of that ash.