The Death Sessions.

The Death card in the tarot decks falls at card 13. 

This card, in it's old energy, means fear. It means we are blocked to life because we fear death. 

click here to purchase $ 20 - please ignore the dates above, it is not do-at-your-own-pace.

click here to purchase $20 - please ignore the dates above, it is not do-at-your-own-pace.

In the new energy, this card is about initiation. It is learning to release all that is already dead to you, that you continue to try to breath life into, that you struggle to grasp and grapple with. The things that are dormant and stagnant. There are some things that are not only in the process of dying, but there many things that are actually dead, that bring us no life, no energy, and we continue to put attention there. We continue to waste our powers on what is already crossed over, owned by the otherworld. But holding onto what is no longer ours, we keep ourselves from untethering our inherent ability to resurrect. We keep ourselves from re-birth. We stay too long in things that are far over with.

To allow for death, for that period of stillness, is allowing things to fall back to the earth. It is allowing for compost. It is a trust the process, that the earth will swallow all that does not serve us - and receives the power of it's death for us-  and with that alchemy, new life is released, risen, and transformed. This is the beauty of snake, to shed and shed and shed over again, and to grow new skin, always. It is the great feminine force of death. We get to *be* the powers that *be*. We get to decide what to kill. What do undress.  What to let go of. What to throw onto the forest floor or into the raging river or out to the darkness of the sea. We get to choose what needs to be stabbed over and over again. We get to *see* what we still carry that has not life, not force, not breath. We get to let go. And we get to become new life, eventually, after we say yes to the achingly beautiful goodbye + grief.

Death is also an archetype that is associated with Scorpio, the most transformational of all astrological signs. It rules over sex {which is literally life}, death and transformation. This time of year all that is temporal eventually breaks down into mystery, and we still have the rite and magic to be part of it, to be of both worlds, to be here, in bodies, in pleasure, in grief, in pain, in knowing, in unknowing. We are the resurrect. We are the transformation.  Know that we have part in what is now formless, seeking new life.

Our ancestors live within us. Dead as they are, they live in our cells and they live in our homes, they live in the soil, they live in the roots of the trees and they live as guides to allow us to make room for death, for grief, and in essence, to live a fuller life.

In the Death Sessions we will:

*practice allowing for what is dead to be dead. we will name what is dead, what no longer needs our breath. we will create ritual for letting go

*we will name all the parts of us that we must let fall to the earth.

*we will honor how to compost it. we get to hold space for it's new growth. we get a say what kind of energy it will alchemize as. what do you want now that you have buried what is rotting?

*as we creep towards All Souls + Saints Day, Day of the Dead and Samhain {and many other names depending on your spiritual linage} we will journey to be with our ancestors, during this time of gatekeeping and threshold seeking. we will invite them in, and help them guide us to a deeper meaning of death, so that we can live a deeper meaning of life. we will talk with the dead. we will listen and receive the messages from the unheard parts of our cells.

As all of The Living Tarot sessions there will be:

-written, audio + video content delivered via email daily

-a private community forum to share

-ritual, ceremony + writing prompts around this card/archetype

This session is wonderful for:

-anyone who loves tarot

-who wants a deeper practice with one card at a time

-is a coach, reader, or midwife to others

-is interested in learning basic ways of connection to their ancestors

-who wants to feel into the process of honoring death and what it feels like to let go of old life.

-who is ready for an initiation into this season, who knows there is darkness ahead, and wants The Death card as a tool, a talisman to hold as we enter the underworld.

In this session we will spend the first half naming death and allowing what must be buried to be buried. The second half we will be focusing on ancestral work + rituals. Yes. We will be communing with our sacred Dead. 

The Death Sessions cost is FREE

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