The Justice Sessions

Equality. Awareness. Truth.

Connection. Action. Embody.

The Justice card shows up as card 8 or card 11 in the Major Arcana cards of the tarot, depending on different decks and schools of thought. 

The Justice card is aligned with the planet Venus and the astrological sign of Libra. 

It’s symbology often shows up with a women, often time a goddess, with scales, indicating a sense of balance, the act of practicing balance, or seeking and achieving fairness.

The word justice has latin roots in meaning “sacred formula” of righteousness. 

But what is that sacred formula? What is righteousness? What does justice mean to us from the inside out?  I started creating my own Justice card using an image of an ancestral rebel women of my cultural heritage who changed a horribly dangerous law in the old country, and I realized, at the root, while i was creating this card, and learning this story... that the formula, in essence is::::: Just Us. Us, in action. Us, in resistance. Us, in creation. Us, in awareness.

Just Us. We are justice. And our actions, reactions, choices, movement, stagnancy, blindness, programming, and prejudices all inform how justice shows up in our lives, in our world.

Justice is an archetype that is crucial to explore and embody right now. It lives within us. And rules outside of us. And the card is calling us in. 

But first. What does it mean? How do we show up for it? How does it show up for us? How are we able to find deeper spiritual understanding about the beauty of truth, the danger of lies, how we can become a seer, being a voice, being the LIVING EMBODIMENT of Justice? How can we become the reformation?

This card, when it shows up as number 11 in a deck, is the very middle card of the Major Arcana’s 22 cards. The middle, or center, of the body, is the heart. This card is directly connected to the weight of our heart. What is that weight? How can we release it? How can we deliver straight from the heart? And how can we become a part of equality and righteousness in our lives instead of being the burden that tips the scales, in the direction of alternative truths, injustice, and lies?  

We show up. We rip apart everything that holds us back from seeing. Blind justice is just a thing in the courts that isn’t even real…we cannot be unbiased in a world that has programmed us to judge unfairly...  but Seen Justice is what we want to embody and what we want to empower- for ourselves and anyone more vulnerable than us right now- in terms of race,  gender, religion, age, economics and disabilities. And this includes the Earth, who really does NOT have time for any more shit, who is asking us to become justice, in a living and breathing formation. 

And so I decided. It’s time. To explore the Justice card. Because it’s here, right now, and waiting in power. And it is also a very good reminder that in its wounded state- injustice- is about programming us, keeping us followers of systems that are not fair or equal, or right. In it's wounded state, it scares people into obedience to a moral or religious code that is not true to all. 

Justice, Lady Justice, is an energy to own, to practice, to converse, to help with shifts that are necessary, within our own lives and beyond. What does it mean to live justice? What does it mean to fight for justice? And above, below, within, without it all—— what do our hearts, the center of our beings, have to say... and give?

The tarot cards are a discussion piece for history, what has happened and what is happening. They are a timepiece and a story piece for the inner and outer. We get to create the stories of the cards-  as a matter of fact it is our responsibility to do so. Cards have always been used as a sacred and secret language to carry on the wise ways, the truth, the meaning of life, a language for the people - when things have been silenced, when everything was at risk.

Lets gather together, and unravel Justice. In the name of truth. In the name of love.

In the Justice Sessions we will:

-briefly discuss the history of this card, going back to Egyptian and Hebrew thought… as well as understanding that a colonization of the cards change the meaning, and that the cards, here and now, constantly continue to evolve and transmute meaning/story. 

-create our own justice card. 

-find an ancestral story of justice in the linage you most identify with. 

-explore journal prompts about our own relationship with justice- how we act or chose not to act. And how that effects the universal scale.

-explore how justice lives within us, as a spiritual force, as a divine energy.

-explore how justice in an action and a tool to understand intersection. 

-justice as awareness + community.

-we will write, write, write. because even though this is a tarot course, this is also an experience in creative expression. your voice matters.

As all of The Living Tarot sessions there will be:

-content delivered via email daily {some video, some audio, some written}

-a private, safe, listening community forum to share

-ritual, ceremony + writing prompts around this card/archetype

This session is wonderful for:

-anyone who is on the path to awareness, truth, and justice- both for the self and for those around them. 

-anyone who loves tarot

-who wants a deeper practice, one card at a time

-is a coach, reader, or midwife to others

-is interested in learning basic ways of connection to their ancestors

-who wants to feel into the process of honoring Justice

-who wants more awareness + truth and honors the cards as tools to reform both Self + world. 

The Justice Sessions will be 7 days. And I have created this course as a sliding scale. 50% of profits from that will be given to the ACLU. 50% of the profits will go to my overhead for facilitation of this course. Typically these courses are about $30-40. I want this one to be accessible to all. If you have no money, $0 will be available to you. If you have money, then $20 will be available to give.

AGAIN:: this course runs from 2/28 - 3/6 2017. Would love to have you in the circle. 

Thank you for being part of this cultural and spiritual tradition with me,  that has been passed on to me. I am honored to do this work. And I am honored to give back. 

xx, love, justice, truth. 

Justice:sliding scale