Dear Earth

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Dear Earth


Dear Earth is a lovingly and aesthetically designed art book full of poetry and photography in both thanks and apology to Earth. Creating art feels important, a profound way to invite intention and to record history, to capture moments without stealing from them. Dear Earth is a heartfelt and bound expression of both darkness and hope - that will inspire you to slow down, pay attention, and take better care of our planet. 

Words by MaryBeth Bonfiglio + Photography by Danielle Cohen.

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In a world full of busy, we have lost connection to nature.  We’ve become depleted and exhausted.  We often forget we have a living, breathing planet under and around us; that nourishes and shelters us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We are at a critical time in our evolution. The Earth is warming, melting, and changing, but even in her new phase, she is still here, as are we. As humans we are being asked how we can tend and care for her, and how that extends to caring for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Dear Earth is a piece of living art, an offering of slowing down and connection, an offering of beauty. Danielle Cohen and MaryBeth Bonfiglio share their love and attention for nature through photography and poetry, art created by walking the trails of devotion to the living planet we are on.  Dear Earth reminds us to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Earth to perhaps slow down the damage and begin to heal.  

Dear Earth is a book of art and meaning. It’s an expression of breathing deeper, taking time, and wandering through the outdoors, in any space that you have. Dear Earth is a powerful invitation to see, to hear, to feel.
Dear Earth is both a celebration of gratitude and an expression of grief. We only have one planet, this book asks us to remember that we are living on it.