conjure: a spell writing workshop



conjure (v.)

late 13c., "command on oath;" c. 1300, "summon by a sacred name, invoke by incantation or magic," from Old French conjurer "invoke, conjure" (12c.) and directly from Latin coniurare "to swear together; conspire," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + iurare "to swear," from ius (genitive iuris).

To conjure means to summons.

Our writing is made of words. Words are made of spell. We get to choose the words. With our words we create the spells. With our verse we conjure change. We craft what our bodies need.

Join me for a 7 day writing workshop. We’ll work on writing our own spell (or maybe a few of them).

In 7 days we will show up to:

-getting clear on intention and needs

-create space for gathering the words (spellings).

-Rewrite and bring down the words (spellings) to the essence, to potency.

-Enjoy and savor the power within your words; your spell may come out as poems, prose, lists, song. This is a creative writing class and comes from no “school of thought” on conjuring and magic — except that we all can use our words, to make art, to conjure.

-Embody the true power of collective writing, of spell writing. Feeling the mycelial pathways. Reach. Stretch. Widen.

-Practice reading + using your spell under the full moon through ritual. Putting your words to work.

This is a writing workshop, as well as a magic making workshop. This is about poetry and pose, as well about divining the power within, communing with the sentients, and marking in paper the longing of our hearts.

You will practice writing as well as trusting your own diviner being.