Itsabitch Podcast was created by my partner William Dunwoody Rock, aka Dr. Rock and myself.  

After almost 20 years together, we still have no clue what we are doing, and yet we are doing it and we seem to go deeper and deeper every time we make space.  Every time we choose to pay attention, to ask questions, to leave each other alone, to ask to be witnessed, to take risks, to fight, to make up. We believe in the conflict. We believe in communion. we believe in walking away. Of saying sorry. Of forgiving. Of saying fuck it and fuck off. When it’s all said in done, we continue to grow closer, and the god of all things, the god of union, the god of coming undone + coming together are very obvious.  What do we hope for doing this podcast? We hope to be true and honest and open. We hope to support others in being true and honest and open. we hope to invite people to see their partners as mirrors. To own their shit. To do their personal work. To use their relationships, no matter the outcome, as a space to grow deeper into the Self. we often get so entangled when we are in long term relations we forget we actually have a choice, that we have made the choice, and that we can un-make it or we can re-write contracts. We can say “what the fuck” and also “how did we get here?” and “why are we doing this again?” In a world where marriage seems impossible and commitment seems like way too much work, we hope to remind people that love is freedom, or it should be. we hope to support the practice of freedom. And that when we stick together  {or even walk apart} we can be allies for each other. We can show up whole. In Love.  We also want to make people smile. and laugh. And not take themselves oh-so-seriously. 

If you love Itsabitch, and want to keep us in business, consider supporting us.  We are comitted to keeping the podcast going free of charge for all our listeners.  But there are expenses such as website fees, soundcloud fees, studio gear, babysitters for when we record, etc. Being a creative family of five takes work and don't do this for the money, but we believe the work we are putting out there is well worth support! If you agree, anything helps! from $1-as much as you can generously give by clicking on the paypal button. And thank you in advance!