I am a mother to three daughters.  I live as creatively, honestly, imperfectly as I can so that my daughters have permission to show up in this world as they are. We are an intersectional feminist household, where activism, art, raw conversation, spirit, magic, politics, music, community and food all intersect. We are about relations and connections. And connecting all relationships. 

My people came through Ellis Island in the early 1900s from Sicily and mainland Italy.  I am deeply devoted to knowing my roots and learning the ways of the land. I believe this is some of the most crucial work I can do right now. As I learn to belong, I can let go of the programming of colonizer mentality. Because before then, we found our ways. 

I was raised by a housewife/devout catholic + mother of 7 kids, clean freak, and daily meditator.  And a father who was a rebel genius, undiagnosed mentally ill, and life long hustler who never actually part of a true capitalist system. 

I am a writer.  Writing feels like making love to me, to the world, to you.  It is how I connect. Relate. Not feel so alone. It is how I heal. I have been writing since I was a child. Mostly to deal with trauma, all the layers, that begin to pile on. Writing is a service, a responsibility. And I take it seriously.  I support those who believe in uprising through their voice.

I am a also midwife. I was both trained and was passed on this skill by teachers and my great grandmother, Sophia, who sat at the foot of birth with poor immigrant women that stayed in a boarding house in rural Pennsylvania. I do not attend births anymore. Instead I hold space for us all, in life. Because some much is changing. And we all need someone to trust them.

I hold space in the liminality. The places where we are wandering and looking for deeper reasons to be alive. An old world is dying, and we are birthing a new one. 

I use the methods of of my linage {southern Italian folk spirituality} passed down to me to guide people over the threshold, to share medicine and magic.  Mostly my tarot cards and my training in traditional midwifery are tools I respectfully utilize to deepen connection, form profound relationships, and develop real intimacies within my community. I am deeply interested in the space where culture and spirituality intersect. 

I am believe we are here now to resist. All the programming. All the dogma. But also to trust. Right where we are. And let go. It is a back and forth. A fight and a release. A contraction and an expansion. We cannot do one without the other. The way we know what to do, is to learn to become good ancestors, become the wisdom we never received. To share it. To not keep any secrets. To use your voice. To rest. To be part of each other. To be in community. This is power. This is change. 

I believe it is time to decolonize ourselves, this earth, our DNA, and our relationships with each other and this gracious and giving earth. We are worth depth, connection, healing + justice. All of us. I am obsessed with the idea, as a cis- gendered white woman, who is second generation American, living on stolen land*,
 that when we honor and learn the wisdom that has been lost on us, the wisdom of the wise women + men and all the lost genders in between, we can finally feel belonging.

By re-membering the old ways we can create new ways forged with love + compassion, we can feel our grief to new depths, and we can shed our skin and birth a new world into being. Together. 

As a writer, intuitive tarot reader, midwife, and folk/root worker - I am eternally grateful for all the teachers I have had in my life, especially my mother, my grandmother, and all the women behind me.

*i am deeply grateful to the land that allows me to live- currently I live on Multnomah territory that was a tribe of the Chinookam people. I am well aware that I do not own the land I live on and every day I give thanks for the grace of the moss, ferns, trees, dirt, and water that sustains me. 

A more boring bio of sorts in case you like those kinds of things: 

 photo by Danielle Cohen

photo by Danielle Cohen

After being raised in a wild Sicilian household in upstate NY, MaryBeth graduated from Binghamton University with a double major of Political Philosophy + Art History, and attended Antioch University for an MFA in creative non-fiction and writing for social change. She has been a music journalist for major publications and a marketing and branding writer for non-profits and small creative businesses all over the world.  She's also owned an L.A. based yoga studio, co-published a magazine, written a screenplay that sits on the desks of a major agency. She is an earth-trained herbalist and ancestry schooled tarot reader and the co-host of a podcast about Love.  She is about to embark on writing her first book investigate bloodlines, ritual, family + food.  Mostly she loves to be with her daughters + partner in nature, cook and eat delicious food,  listen to dancehall reggae, practice ritual, sit by fires, smash the patriarchy and savor every moment of this sweet miracle of life.