I am thrilled to be holding this workshop in Niagara Falls. So much of my identity comes from growing up in Western NY, in a very rich and wild Sicilian American landscape. Although I live towards the west coast of things w, I am deeply and intimately connected to the beauty and bio-region of this area, the autumn colors, the frozen solid winters, the humid + sticky summers, and the hope of a possible spring. My people are still in this region,  so it's always a homecoming to me. Leading and holding space for writing in Niagara Falls is truly an honor.

I look forward to getting to know all of you, who long for a day to write, to connect, to contemplate, to write more, and to gather in community :: as living experiences of being human, of having ancestry, of becoming future ancestors, in leaving art and imprints behind that can create new history, tell a new story, of healing and love.

Tree of Life Yoga Studio, 1517 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY


$70 {if you want to attend and this price is not accessible to you, please contact me at triumphmind.words@gmail.com - I will be giving one full scholarship per workshop}