There are times in our life that feel frazzled, confused, so unknown we become lost. Times when we don't know where to go or what to do or who to do it with. We all are given these moments in life to help us go deeper and learn more about our wounds, traumas, gifts, purpose. These are the times to call on our oracles, our guides. To call on the support, the pillars. To be held. To be seen. To be trusted. This is my way, my work,  the way of the midwife; to allow for what must rise to rise. And what must fall to fall. To sit with you fully and completely. And dig in and find ways, meaning, and paths for you, the what's next, what to release, what to act uopin - all with the most profound and ancient wisdom of the cards.

Through my unique and intuitive style, a trauma informed / sensitive lens, we connect as humans and I hold space for your depest soul inquiries. I listen :: to your thrashing and questioning and stories.

I listen to you and with you. You get to be The Queen in the session and share with me anything you feel called to - in utter confidence + 100% non-judgmental and compassionate space.

The cards become the tools to explore and transmit wisdom and guidance for you. The cards become holy script, a light in the dark, the truth in the fog, a heartbeart reminder.

These sessions will bring you deep.

Be prepared to unravel, to get honest, to believe in your path of human as magic.

Be ready to be real, raw, seen, truthful. Be ready to be held fully, in a bad ass and loving container. I got you. This is one hour of full energetic exchange. I am devoted to tending to you while sharing what comes through the cards - the realness and the truth. The medicine you need.

 {{sometimes, often,  we laugh our faces off because THESE CARDS >> total tricksters. and also. laughter is amazing medicine}}

{{sometimes, often,  we laugh our faces off because THESE CARDS >> total tricksters. and also. laughter is amazing medicine}}

I’ve never met anyone that embodies, understands and teaches the tarot like MaryBeth. She teaches the tarot intuitively and in a way that allows you to form your own relationship with the cards and unearth the deep truths that lie within. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and it’s the reason why I only choose to learn from Marybeth. With Marybeth’s guidance I have been able to deepen my intuition practice and connection to myself through being skillfully led to develop my own intimate relationship with the cards. She’s the only tarot expert I recommend and consult.
— Lisa Fabrega

My wisdom from the tarot comes from a deeply intuitive and ancestral place, 20 years of studying and reading the cards, my devotion to deep listening, a skill I learned through traditional midwifery, and art that was passed on to me by my ancestors - card and oracle readers for hundreds of years.

The cards become a soul connection, what comes through me is only what validates your most innate inner wisdom, so that you can deeply know that you already know, what must be remembered.  Sometimes, we just need to be reminded. We need lampposts to illuminate our own inner maps of innate wisdom. 

If all this resonates with you, and seek intuitbe counsel in this strange and wild times, it's my deepest honor and great calling to sit with you as we explore excavating the inner cartography of what's next, new directions, and often times just words to let you know :: you are on path.

After you reserve your spot, and then fill out the questionnaire and schedule {both links below}- I will be in touch with you to confirm and to send you a link to connect to our call. 

In the beginning of our session we will spend a moment to ground and meditate, to root and anchor. Have water or tea available for yourself. We will then explore what you are truly, deeply, seeking support in and we will find the exact words to present to the cards, questions born from co-creation. The throws and spreads are deeply intuitive and custom for you and only you.

We will create a space of sanctity and trust and unravel the stories and build new ones. 


You will receive a photo of your cards and a recording of your session within 24 hours of your session.

Your Investment for 60 minutes:  $225
After sign up, please see the link below to then schedule your session.


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if no times work for you on this schedule, please email me at write@marybethbonfiglio.com