HAWTHORN HEART: a writing workshop



November 21 || 6-8pm pacific


A live zoom conference - once you sign up you will receive all that info. But this is a workshop, a place to gather and work together.


a workshop to explore the medicine of hawthorn as we deepen our practice of writing from the heart.


$28 {early bird closes 11/3}
$30 after 11/3

About Hawthorn Heart: a writing workshop:

Hawthorn is of deep and accessible medicine, a remedy for the whole human beginning with the heart.

It is both a heart healer, heart opener, and fierce heart protector. It is both compassionate Mother and courageous Warrior.

It is profoundly purposefully for the physical, spiritual and creative bodies. It’s here for us - as a reminder that we have creative connection through our blood, from our heart center.

Working with hawthorn as lore and medicine, we explore writing our hearts; the cracks, the healing, the grief, the ache, the love, and to allow ourselves to freely bleed, ancient and new blood, right on the paper.

What the workshop will look like:

-we’ll meditate on the body and spirit of hawthorn + the body and spirit of our hearts.

-we will look deep into the myth and medicine of tree + specifically the berry as a source of heart remedy and opener.

-I’ll then provide prompts for you and we will write our hearts out, in practice of unfolding from the heartspace, writing our stories of the heart body, the tales of love, the poems of ache. Whatever it is the heart wants to spill- raw, unfiltered, without apology.

-I’ll open up a brave and cozy space to share and witness each other - as writers - this is a beautiful and healing practice. To write, and then to be heard. {reading out loud is not obligatory, but it’s super fun and I encourage it!}

The call will be recorded so if you want to partake but cannot make the actual time and date, you will be sent a link to the recording so you can DIY it.

What you need: yourself, your heart, pen, paper, computer, a cozy spot to invest in yourself, create space for a 2 hour writing and medicine exploration.

note: after purchasing - you should receive an email with details within the hour. You may have to confirm a subscription to my mailing list after purchase. Please do that. If you don’t get an email from me within the hour containing the details of the course, please check your spam + promotion folders. If you don’t see it, please email me at write@marybethbonfiglio.com



I am a writer, published author, and writing mentor/coach. I am currently working towards my MFA in creative non-fiction with a certificate in teaching writing. Although I don’t believe we can be taught to write. I do believe we could all use support and guidance. I am here for that. I use intuitive techniques and the wild, natural world for inspiration to hold space for myself and other writers. I believe our stories matter, that writing is medicine. that writing is magic.

I am fulfilled and lit up by guiding other’s on the creative writing journey. We can all write our way home.