Beyond ready to hold a one day workshop in the gorgeous and layered city of Portland.
This is the city I now call my home, the place my kids go to school, this is the soil in which I just planted a ton of seeds that I pray will rise and grow. I have lived in the PNW for over a decade, but in Portland just shy of 3 years. I have been thinking about how I rarely do things live, in my own community, and that it's time. The writing landscape here is rich and profound, the writers here are subversive and truthful. The raw talent and creative energy located in this region is heart blowing. There is an intense history here, and present is worthy of unearthing and uncovering. The trees are more than majestic, and the summer dusk sky is the color of discovery. Some days it is hard to live here- the gray and the rain and the busy lives and a culture I still do not feel a belonging to- but to gather for one day together ::  to write, to talk, to write some more, to investigate and navigate, to trust, to get lost in the process :: this makes it real and worth it all.  For this, I am grateful, and I am excited to sit with you, as we enter this work together, as we question and unravel the blood we carry and all that we belong to.

Thank you for showing up, for supporting, and for receiving the writing of your bones, of this dirt, of the future roots you long to create as living artifacts of your now true life. 

private residence



$80 {I'll give away one full scholarship so please email if you want to come and need financial support}