the condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a process

We are living in between times. Between worlds. There is an old world that is dying and a new world that is preparing for birth.

This is within us. And without.
This is above us. And below.


We are all leaving things behind. Religions. Ideologies. Systems. Structures. Relationships. Lifestyles. Patterns. Habits. Wounds. Skin. Stories. We are all trying to amplify our purpose and settle into our bones a deep peace, a healing, a place where we feel free. 

This between space is called liminality. This is where + when you have already said yes, you are ready, but there is still work to be done, still questions left to answer, more questions left to ask. There is a sense of not knowing and a sense of mystery, one that will not be entirely forgotten, but one that you are ready to dive deeper into. 

I was once called a “midwife to mystery” by a dear friend and client of mine.

Because this is what I do.

heat and crazy hope.

sometimes we can find exactly what we need through stories. when i want to understand more about the world, when i want to love more, i write to you. sign up for occasionally love notes.

Marybeth is both a badass and an alchemist, both a fire-starter and a magical being that walks through this world with pure grace. She is a goddess, and walks on this earthly plane with a deep embodiment of the mysteries of the Tarot.
— Elle North

I do not coach you. I midwife you- to trust your own life’s mysteries. To trust all your yeses and nos. To trust the process of letting go, of dying, of being still. Of being contentious, of being full of grief, of being riotous, of being ready to give birth.

In your own time and in your own way.

I use tarot as my main tool - although there are others in my basket- I find that the ancient use of the cards is one of the most powerful methods for asking questions, finding lights on the path, and creating clarity around where you are right now. And to where you are ready to devote yourself to being next.

Tarot is not just an act of divination. Tarot is a process of storytelling. We do not predict the future. But we can begin to weave the story of what has been, what is now, and what will be. There are stories in which we are reminded of the things that need to be put to rest. And there are stories that ask us to take action. The cards are unbiased, powerful + archetypal guides for us while we process our time in the liminality, while we begin to let go of the old self and begin to live into the new.

I hold space as a true midwife should. I do not force you or rush you. I do not doubt your ability to shed or regenerate. I have full faith in your process.  I incessantly trust where you are and that's where I meet you.  We will dive into the spiral of your story, we will find the places that there are snags, and we will ask all the questions needed to see yourself through to the next place.

There will be creative work. There will be ritual work. There will contemplation. There will be rest. There will be hard stuff and soft stuff. There will be taking responsibility for your own journey. 

    Common where we are in the liminality, or at the threshold, or wanting to be:

  • In our creative lives. Are our voices and work shining a light on the world?
  • In our parenting. Are we shaking paradigms? Are coping and enjoying and being present to our children?
  • In our relationships. In how to allow them to end, or how to find their new beginnings, or how to just sit with what is and be okay.
  • In being human. How can we survive, do better, give more, to the future, while learning to live now.
  • In our work and careers. are we where we want to be? Are we in greatest service to our path and purpose? What can we do next? What is waiting for us?
  • In our sexuality. In being fluid. In being free. In being in our bodies. In pleasure. In releasing trauma. So we can be embodied - in this miracle, in this sanctuary we call flesh + bones.

I’ve never met anyone that embodies, understands and teaches the tarot like MaryBeth. She teaches the tarot intuitively and in a way that allows you to form your own relationship with the cards and unearth the deep truths that lie within. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and it’s the reason why I only choose to learn from Marybeth. With Marybeth’s guidance I have been able to deepen my intuition practice and connection to myself through being skillfully led to develop my own intimate relationship with the cards. She’s the only tarot expert I recommend and consult.
— Lisa Frabega

There are 10,000 more ways we can be in transition, or in inquiry,
and they are all worth our time and space.

They are all worth our energy and attention.

They are all worth being loved.


And I guess that is what I do best of all: 
Love the hell out of you and where you are, so you can have permission to go deeper, more freely, into the you that is longing to rise up your spine and become present in in your heart. 



You can work with me in 2 different ways:

1 hour liminality sessions3 month liminality sessions 

All sessions involve deep trust, deep listening, working through the thick of it, honoring the process, allowing the cards to guide us to what is next, action steps and ceremony that will begin to midwife you over the threshold.