14-22 September 2019


You come from people before now.

From far back people who connected with earth, sky and sea.

You come from people who worshiped golden wheat, nutrient rich soil, plants that became medicine. Who used salt to cleanse. And rosemary to protect.

You come from people who held deep meaning with and for each other. Who were devoted in the body to their god/s, who found hope though ritual in the turning of the seasons.

There are still those who hold remnants of the old ways, who are inviting us to remember that we are still here, together.

There is still soil and seed and plants and meal after meal. There is being radically together in prayer and ceremony.

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Do you crave a remembering of this? A remembering of our own sleeping -but still alive - meaning and connection? Do you crave a coming together on ancient land? To eat, pray, make and heal? To experience joy? To remember your own body wisdom — that comes directly from your long line of ancient people? To learn something that still lives within you, and bring it back home in the name healing and repair?


This fall we will be gathering in community

in the heart of Sicily:

the Madonie Mountains.

These mountains, hold ancient villages that have kept the most traditional ways of the island. It’s said modernity has not tainted this area. They’re still tending to the land and each other, keeping seasonal living and eating intact. They are still paying attention to the soil, to the sky, to the passion, the heartbeat of their land.

In co-creation with multi-generational residents of these villages, I am so excited to invite you to join in something beyond a retreat, something far from typical tourism.

We invite you to root radically in culture. To be held and led and loved by the people who live there, who are generous and excited to share their ways of living.

For 8 nights and 9 days we will be in community.

Experience. Honor. Tradition.

We will be in the warm Autumn sun; foraging plants and food and mushrooms, slow cooking meals, being fed as guests, cooking regional cuisines, spending time in ancient cheesemaking and traditional bread making, weaving medicine baskets, being part of a procession, and working together be with our own ancestral healing rituals- offerings for the land and our bodies, honoring the season as the equinox approaches.

Madonna dell’Alto

Madonna dell’Alto

This is a pilgrimage.

We enter the space with an open heart, with respect for the culture, and with a willingness to be swept away with passion - as this is the Sicilian way.

If you are interested in joining me on my ancestral land I would love to have you. You do not need to be of Sicilian or have Mediterranean roots. But if you do, I can assure you, this will change your life. If you don’t, I can assure you, this will change your life.

You just need to be a human — longing to belong. I will be the space holder and the container for the pilgrimage - but we will be fully guided and welcomed by my co-creators who are deeply rooted in this land, whose families have lived there for hundreds and hundreds of years, if not longer. They will be the ones offering us the experience of their way of living.

You will not have to do anything, but bring your body and your open heart. Everything else will be planned and arranged by us, so you can fully experience the beauty and magic of this island.

We will be doing this 100% Sicilian style, which means some things might feel confusing or different, but this is where we get to grow and expand and integrate ancestral ways in a very full body experience. This is where we can root down, open the heart, and sing the songs to our own ancestors down into our cells, into our nervous systems :: soften and remember.


In our time together we will be:

-working with a basketmaker

-working with a Shepard and cheesemaker

-honoring the ancient wheat and learning to bake bread

-taking a journey the Madonna dell’Alto, an ancient worship site on the top of a mountain.

-gathering and making with wild plants

-being part of a village holy procession

-spending time on a manna farm

-take spur of the moment adventures (Palermo markets, the sea, a shrine, or whatever we want- we will have a full time driver waiting to bring us to where we are called)


Join us for an ancestral pilgrimage to the magical, mysterious, radical island of Sicilia.


14 September- 22 September 2019


Madonie Mountains, we will be staying in one Masseria** (farm) but exploring the entire region of traditional Sicily with a professional driver.


$2800 :: (double occupancy) this includes room, all meals, wine, and transport to and from airport, daily transport, a translator and all activities we will partake in. Plan this trip with a bestie or partner or sister or lover — and save money! OR. be open to meeting a new roomie friend! We can connect you!

$3500 :: (single occupancy) includes same as above.

PAYMENT PLANS :: When you have confirmed that you are coming along for this radical journey - you will need to pay a deposit of 40% of the total cost and then we can arrange a payment plan for the following months. Final payments must be made by August 1st.

Because this is Sicily, we don’t exclude children. If you have children you’d like to take on this pilgrimage, please let me know, we can accommodate — Sicilians honor the Mother (and father) + child in the most profound ways.

*airfare is not included. if you are interested in coming along, then I can support you in the best flight arrangements.

**if you are interested in joining on this journey, you will then get information about the farm. we are not staying somewhere or doing things that have websites - this all done through local, real, traditional ways. you will get photos and info of where we will be lodging once you have expressed serious interested in this pilgrimage.


Please fill out the form below ASAP if you are interested in being one of those 10 people. Once I receive the form I will email you personally and we can discuss details and I can answer all your questions!

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MaryBeth (and Francesco + Manuela)

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