-Have stories to tell.

-Know the time is now to get writing. 

-Want a guide for your writing endeavors.

-Crave a language for your experience.

-Seek someone to bounce ideas around with.

-Seek support in voice, structure, themes.

-Feel a burning to write.

-Need accountability support  for your books + articles + essays.

-Need editing and revision support.

-Want to clarify and express yourself in the world that effects people deeply and helps communicate your mission potently.

-Are ready to publish your work and seek guidance and resources.

-Want to just begin.

Whether you need spiritual guidance around expressing your stories,  seek exercises on how to raise your creative voice, or have a very specific project that needs another set of eyes and some magic- I am honored to mentor you on all levels of your writing process {which really is so much about the process of life}. 

Once in awhile, I meet someone and I instantly KNOW (or hope) they will somehow be woven into the fabric of my life and community. This instantaneous recognition of tribe is exactly what happened when I met Marybeth. Her raw authentic presence and whip-sharp way with words stopped me in my tracks and left me searching for a way to somehow work with her. It didn’t take me long to hire Marybeth to assist me with writing my second book, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our initial meetings. This woman is a rare and wild gem.
— Flora Bowley, artist

Depending on what you need, together we will map a plan of action so that this is very customized for you.

I work intuitively and personalized.  Whatever it is you need, we can get it done. 

I meet via phone + in-person {Portland, OR area only}.  Between our sesions you will receive email correspondance, prompts, exercises, and useful tools/information depending on your specific needs. 

Marybeth is a maven of truth
A poet of life
A woman expressing herself to inspire others to do the same.
Telling her stories is what she does
With grace and edge.
— Carrie Anne Moss, Mother, Actress, Lover of Creative Souls

Bottom line is:  you will stop procrastinating writing.  You will begin to write more.  You will finish what you need to finish. You will begin to trust in yourself.  In the process. In the word. In your work.

Be ready to::



-Trust your voice

-Share your stories

-Stop the negative self-talk 

-Believe in your life. 

-Commit. On all levels. 

-Develop a daily writing practice- that may or may not include meditation, movement, and ritual. Sometimes it's all about food.  Or sex. Or nature.  But we will tailor fit a practice for you, that works for you, that gets the words flowing. 

-Learn master tricks of the trade in editing, storytelling, story arcs, and authentic blog writing. 

I wanna make magic with you. I wanna see you own this writing thing. It's time. 

My mentoring style is rooted in Quantum Midwifery.  I trained at The Matrona to be a midwife and learned not only how to catch babies but how to catch life, how to allow for birth without getting in the way.  I allow space for your own intuitive wisdom to rise. I trust you are finding your way. I ask questions. Give gifts. Listen. And hold a sacred space to birth new paradigms as well as come to milestones in gathering what you need on your own. 

How it works:
I consult on phone, zoom or skype calls.
Time: 1 hour might do it
Investment: $200/hour
3 call bundle: $550

Click below to sign up for a Free 30-minute Phone Consult to learn more about how we can work together: