:::Spiritual Gangstas

Earth Keepers. Activisionaries. Paradigm Shifters. Bad Ass Sistas.

Let me just point you in the right direction, now:: 

{i love these folks as much as they love me} 

Once in awhile, I meet someone and I instantly KNOW (or hope) they will somehow be woven into the fabric of my life and community.  This instantaneous recognition of tribe is exactly what happened when I met Marybeth.  Her raw authentic presence and whip-sharp way with words stopped me in my tracks and left me searching for a way to somehow work with her. It didn't take me long to hire Marybeth to assist me with writing my second book, and I couldn't be more pleased with our initial meetings.  This woman is a rare and wild gem.-Flora Bowley


Marybeth has been dazzling me with her copy for years since I first read her at misplacedmama. She weaves uninhibited sorcery into what she pens, and it leaves me feeling as though, quite simply, "I WISH I could write like that!" 
Perhaps it's because she has her thumb on the trigger when she speaks and writes, uncensoring SOUL (seemingly at any cost), finding me aflame at her words, as if a great prairie fire of cause and consequence, love, blood, and sacred bones have just swept under and over me. Because of what she shares, I am more passionate.
-Pixie Campbell, soulodge 


Marybeth is exactly the kind of writer I love to work with.  Aside from all the usual stuff that any self-respecting writer should have (creativity, work ethic and a spine), she has a stunning capacity for empathy which allows her to hear what I'm saying, process it's truest meaning and bring it to life on the page.  Collaborating with her is simply a delightful experience.
-Annie Parnell - former manager of development at Timberman/Beverly Productions. 


Marybeth is a maven of truth
A poet of life
A woman expressing herself to inspire others to do the same.
Telling her stories is what she does
With grace and edge.

-Carrie Anne Moss, Mother, Actress, Lover of Creative Souls


MaryBeth encouraged me and inspired me to awaken my spirit and live with passion and magic. She listens with a warm and open heart so I always feel loved and understood. 

-Keri Jioras, jewerly designer


I connected with Marybeth when I was starting a new organization and needed content for my website.  I found Marybeth’s words to be fresh, inspiring, and exactly what I needed to help me represent my vision. She took the time to listen to me, to get to know my heart, and then put it all into perfectly precise content.  As my organization was growing, I continued to work with Marybeth for mentoring and guidance around my work.  She offered me much more than basic coaching, she was able to truly midwife and guide me down the path for my life’s work, how I truly wanted to show up- which included my work- but was about so much more…more than I could have anticipated.  Ultimately, I was able to grow and refine my work and get it to a place that was both authentic and sustainable, finding the path that I was meant to be on.  I continue to work with Marybeth,her writing services rock and I am blessed to know her as a mentor and friend.

-Jennifer Adelia
Stylist + Fashion Guide


MaryBeth's courses broke a stagnant spell in my writing and coaxed my authentic voice out from its hiding place.  Marybeth expanded my idea of writing, inviting my entire body to participate with breathing and movement exercises. She called on the elements to shape our narratives, to realign us with their natural rhythms and powerful forces.  She has a contagious enthusiasm for the sacredness of storytelling that granted me permission to explore and experiment, to approach writing from a primal place of fire, water, air, and earth. I found so much movement and energy there.  - Erin M.