Dear friends, readers, supporters, patrons, and beautiful humans- those I appreciate so much: 

As I come out of my deep hibernation and healing space of the winter and getting my hands covered with soil and my shoulders browned by the sun, I am shifting the writing memberships {including the name from World Alchemy to La Medicina - in my ancestral language}.

This new and improved membership includes more exciting stuff, and more access to information.  But before I get into it -  I wanted to share:: I am deep into prep work to head to LA for the month of June to {almost} finish my MFA.  It's finally happening, and I don't know how or why, but here I am doing this path of work. I'm still writing the books and grateful for this entrance back into school - my hope it helps me organize these bodies of work - because we all need help and support. I want to thank all of you who signed up 6 month ago for my last membership. You helped carry me. For real. The times were dark and I was recalibrating. Your support was my rock.

The last six months were an amazing process of collectivity that forced me to ask myself living questions of what I really love to do, what I love to generously and freely give.  And the bass note answer, the taproot response - has always been: to write + serve.

And now that winter is over, and Spring is pushing us closer to summer, I find myself growing all the plants, tending to all the soil,  AND craving deeper relations with others through my tarot + intuitive arts work.  I was asked to put a lot of that work aside for the last six months. But I am now being invited back in, to do the work, even more deeply.

Because It feeds me. 

So I don't want to end this membership circle. I want to expand it. I want to make it work even more for me and give even more to you. 

I don't want to have to go back to feeling like I have to build or "be more" {ambitious, businessness-y, organized, market-y}  Just. No. I want to keep sending you my magic. My medicine. I want to share the things I learn.

I want to be there for you. In this wild time, this strange time, we are being asked to REMEMBER what our ancestors KNEW/KNOW.

Instead of feeling like I need to write the  “right things”  in the “right way” to sell stuff that shouldn't be in containers in the first place, I am just so happy doing what I love to do. What I am good at: writing, holding space + using that tarot deck like a bad-ass.

I refuse to be sucked of creative energy. I refused to set up business in a way that does not feel right to me. I refuse to exclude people from this work because of costs. And I also don't want to be limiting my own financial success + sustainability and continue to give my writing work away for free. Just. No.

So I am saying YES. To what is of ease, what I am so grateful for {interesting note: the 4 of cups came to me this moon, reminding me of this gratitude}.I am. saying yes to what is already right here, in front of me.  And it's this membership-style of serving and receiving. Of creating and giving and also feeding my kids. {not that I won't do other things, but this is my. foundational work}.

I'm really feeling my medicine right now. I want to be there to help you feel yours, as well.

And this is the container that works amazingly well. 

I hope you will consider joining a tier of La Medicina. I can promise you it will be pure remedy for these confusing and aching times. It will be guidance, teachings, and community.

It will be delivered to you in the form of words, sounds, video + plants.

I am not "launching" a program. I'm not "branding" a "thing". I am just showing up. As a writer. As an intuitive medicine person. As a plain ole' human who wants to share her gifts in the most natural way that I can. 


There is no judgment on what you can or cannot sign up for. I am grateful for every bit of support and energy exchange.



Writing and intuitive arts are WORTH something.

I pour myself into this work. P O U R. 

It takes a lot of energy to read the cards for 12 zodiac signs twice a month.
It takes energy to do live readings. 
It takes my blood to write the stories I do.

The simple + profound act of writing + holding intuitive space is art in process, it's receiving and reconfiguring direct transmissions. It's constant revision and expanding thoughts and hearts and minds.  It's skin turned inside out. And when shared, when pure, when raw, and when intentionally and honestly crafted, it is the deepest wisdom I gift. It's how I give.

What I really want to offer you is the experience to sink into my writing, to be served and guided by my intuitive readings {The Arcane*Scopes} - that come every New and Full Moon. These are powerful writing / storytelling transmissions that should be invitations to receive ourselves just as we are-  under each moon - and to remember we are ever-evolving. This is healing; like water and fire, like magic and dirt. Like deepening relations. I want you to find deeper meaning as we gather on {or near} the New Moon for rituals and readings and connection. 

My writing comes from my heart and gut. My medicina and intuizione comes from my ancestors. And I want it to land/ meet you exactly where you need.

So this is my offering to you: my words and teachings through  LA MEDICINA.

You can become a member to LA MEDICINA -  which is just a straight up delivery to your inbox {plus lots of other amazing things depending on your membership}.

By becoming a member in whatever capacity you choose {and whatever who choose is MET WITH GRATITUDE} - you are directly supporting me and my family and helping me have a monthly income as I write my next books: 22 Mysteries Tarot and Blood + Belonging {the book that I will be completing in my MFA program this year}

I'll be sharing word medicine with you, coming mostly through my relationships with tarot - but also other things I am being called by - plants, sentient beings, ancestral arts, being in relationships, being in grief, being in ecstacy.  I'll share with you all that is WORTH more space and intention than social media updates. I will share things that I hope are useful to you, that will serve you.  Wisdom. Inspiration. Instigation. Mystery.


Membership is for 6 months.
I am taking June off and everything begins strong in July.
>>>There are no refunds<<<
>please respect this - i cannot force you to stay on for 6 months - but please respect this request.<
At the end of the 6 months you can decide to continue or not. 


it's a 6 month medicine membership where you receive writing, tarot readings, ritual, intuitive teachings and plant medicine that directly supports me as I share this work. What you receive will depend on what tier you choose to join. 


There are 4 tiers of membership for La Medicina:


  1.  $3
  2.   $10
  3.   $25
{note: these 3 prices - you are getting the same thing. I just trust you to choose what you are able to give and I wanted to make it accessible. If $10 is an easy choice for you, please choose that. If $3 is all that makes sense -  please give that. I do want you to know you will be getting wisdom + writing well worth the $25 regardless of which price point you choose}.

These three price points all include my beloved monthly full and new moon collective readings - the arcane*scopes- where I pull cards for each sign and share the wisdom and secrets of what is happening for you in that cycle. I deliver these directly to your inbox. Sometimes they will come to you in the form of writing, sometimes in the form of audio recording, sometimes in the form of video - all depending on my lunar mood.

This tier also includes a once a month excerpt from my book!!! NOBODY ELSE SEES THIS!

PLUS a montly zoom medicine circle {dates will be given soon}.

It also probably includes other awesome things - but the above are the minimum. 




4. $50

- This membership includes ALL of the above PLUS....

- Access to ALL MY DIGITAL COURSES {The Empress Sessions, The Devil Sessions, The Moon Sessions,  The Death Sessions and The Tower Sessions... AND ANY OTHERS I CREATE in the next 6 months. THERE WILL BE AT LEAST ONE FOR SURE. 
-That's access to 6+ courses over the next 6 months. That's less than 1/2 the cost! 

-access to a monthly moon medicine circle {live + recorded}

-A MONTHLY *personal* one card reading sent to you via text {photo + recording}

***When you sign up for this tier email me IMMEDIATELY with your phone number, name etc. Write@marybethbonfiglio.com




5.  $100

-This membership gives you ALL of the above. YES ALL OF IT. PLUS MORE.........
-You also will receive a multiple card personal reading each month for the next 6 months. {I charge $250 for one reading without this membership, so it's a pretty sweet deal}.
-We will meet for your reading live via zoom call or phone. Whatever works for you, unless you prefer an audio recording via email. It's whatever you want, love. 
-Plus one custom plant medicine - made by me- especially for hyper creative, hyper anxiety humans in deep experiences of living. These will be sent to you in the mail 3 times over the 6 months. The medicine will be based on what you need, what's growing seasonally, and what my intuition says.  It might come in the form of elixir, essence, honey or incense. These medicines are made from plants that I either grow or sustainably wild harvest - and typically I use Grappa as the spirit + local raw honey. Charged with gems and prayers, always.

This is a great memebership for those who want a personal intuitive guide for the next six months + plant support.

There are only *FIVE* of these membership levels available due to the insanely discounted cost for the readings. I'll still need to hold space for readings outside this membership - so sign up fast if you want this one.

{each membership fee is taken directly from your account for 6 months}.

All changes to La Medicina will be implemented in JULY.



xx marybeth.

ps. if you are already on my mailing list, and don't want to become a member to LA MEDICINA, you won't be removed from my list. you'll still receive occasional updates via my regular newsletter on what's happening. I love you! 

Curious why I am not doing the Patreon route? Watch here.