Dear friends, readers, supporters, patrons, and beautiful humans- those I appreciate so much: 

I’m in a deep hibernation / creation space. I'm writing books and preparing to {finally} finish my MFA in creative nonfiction. This process has insisted that I cultivate boundaries, stay focused and practice the art of asking for what I need. It's a process that has made me pull within. Kept my magic contained. Kept me potent. 

This process also forced me to ask myself living questions of what I really love to do, what I love to generously and freely give.  And the bass note answer, the taproot response - has always been: to write.

In the past decade I’ve published other writers, created groups and courses around writing and tarot, and held tarot / coaching sessions in order to continue to support myself as a writer. I have loved every single bit of this work. I was supported to the fullest in it and for that I am so grateful. But I started to feel as if my writing was only about “selling” what I did. My writing became a vehicle for an end product or goal.

I felt like I had to write the “right things” in the “right way” that pointed people to sign up for something.  And this isn't wrong. It's actually useful and amazing. But it wasn't feeling aligned for me. And to be honest, it wasn't feeling aligned because it left me very little time or energy left to actually write.  And this isn't to say there are not many amazing business people who can do both really well. But I couldn't. Something kept telling me something was off. 

I felt sucked of creative energy. And time. I didn't have enough time to do all the things that needed to be done. I stopped recognizing who I was as an artist, as a writer.

As someone whose words have been called “medicine” by others.  I didn't feel my medicine anymore. 


I’m a wild writer that cannot be contained {my best friend told me that the other day, I really love her}. I write. I write about life. I write about what frees me. What pisses me off. What turns me on. What I don’t know about. I write spirit that comes through me without much effort. I write without apology. I write Hope. I write Grief. I write Life.  My prayer is that my words connect us. Make us all not feel so alone.

Writing shouldn't be all about generating content.  Writing is writing. Writing is art. It's sharing wisdom while exploring the curious, beautiful and hauntingly dark things in life. It's expression. Awareness. Oracle. Restoration. Writing can change the world.  It can shift how we see the world as well. In these times, which are burning times, I cannot think of anything more useful than to turn to my personal art: writing.



Writing in itself is WORTH something.


We don’t ask dentists or doctors to do work for “exposure”.  Why writers? Why artists? I have been writing for "free" for my entire life. I have been giving and have been expected to keep giving. I am seeing brilliant writers have to write in order to sell something else. That's bullshit. 

Writing takes a lot of my heartfelt labor and time.

I pour myself into it. The simple + profound act of writing is art in process, it's receiving and reconfiguring direct transmissions. It's constant revision. It's skin turned inside out. And when shared, when pure, when raw, and when intentionally and honestly crafted, it is the deepest wisdom I gift.  It is my medicine. It's the most powerful way I am a human.  It is my art. 

Also, for those of you who love my writing- I don’t want you to have to endure my sales writing that brings you to a link that asks you to purchase something. And trust me, I love making courses. I love teaching {which is why I am finally finishing that MFA}. But what I really want to offer you is the experience to sink into my writing, to let it be healing; like water and fire, like magic and dirt. My writing comes from my heart and gut. And I want it to land/ hit you there. I want the chance to focus on it so it and of itself can be "the course" or the "coaching". You can have it all. Everything I would try to sell, I want to write it all out and send it on a wing. Or the internet. For you. To enjoy. 

So this is my offering to you: my words.

You can become a member to Word Alchemy which is just a straight up delivery to your inbox 2-4 times a month.

By becoming a member in whatever capacity you choose,  you are directly supporting me as I write my next books: The mushroom oracles // 22: Re-telling the mysteries // and Blood + Belonging {which may actually be 2-3 books I am realizing.}

I'll be sharing word medicine with you, the things I want to say and craft that I feel is WORTH more space and intention than social media updates. I will share things that I hope are useful to you.  Wisdom. Inspiration. Instigation. Mystery.

Membership is for 6 months.
There are no refunds.
At the end of the 6 months you can decide to continue or not. 

There are 3 tiers of membership for word alchemy::



1. {you really like me} $3
2. {you really love me} $10
3. {my writing moves you deeply} $25

{note: all three of these tiers you are getting the same thing. I just trust you to chose what you are able to give and I wanted to make it accessible for all levels of economic privilege}

These three tiers all include my beloved monthly full and new moon collective readings - the arcane*scopes- where I pull cards for each sign and share the wisdom and secrets of what is happening for you in that cycle.

It also includes my best writing :: seasonal stories, writing on food and culture,  never been seen photos + stories from my ancestral journey to Sicily, lots of thoughts on plant medicine, rituals, ancestral wisdom, whatever MOVES through me-  all woven together. I have a long wish list of ALL I wish I had time to write about {and because of these memberships I finally can!} These words will keep you warm and invigorated all winter. Promise. Promise.
Plus, by being members you get big discounts on any courses + books I do decide to do {there are a couple writing ones in my heart wanting to be born someday} and any pop up readings I do. 

Plus there will prompts. I LOVE PROMPTS. And videos. Because I love those, too. It's not just me writing at you- I am writing *to* you, for you. So except me to ask you questions. Writing should make us live and be more human together.


4. {you feel my writing work is medicine} $50 a month

- This membership includes ALL of the above
- Access to ALL MY TAROT COURSES {there are 5: The Empress Sessions, The Devil Sessions, The Moon Sessions,      The Death Sessions and The Tower Sessions}
-Access to any other pop-up  writing course I do live .That's access to 6 courses over the next 6 months. That's less than 1/2 the cost! 


5. {you are patrons of the arts and you believe in my writing} $100

-This membership gives you ALL of the above 
-PLUS one personal tarot reading a month for the next 6 months. I charge $125 for one reading without this membership, so it's a pretty sweet deal.

{each membership fee is taken directly from your account for 6 months}.



I'm so excited to get back to the depth of writing, the unknowning, the mystery, the art. To be unhindered. To know I can give and also receive energy and continue to serve in my most potent way.

I feel like I am here on this planet, right now, to hunker down and write {also pay bills, feed kids, get healthcare etc}. I thank you in advance for valuing my work, for valuing me, for supporting me, and for loving the medicine I am so honored to give.

xx marybeth.

ps. if you are already on my mailing list, and don't want to become a member to Word Alchemy, you won't be removed from my list. you'll still receive occasional updates via my regular newsletter on what's happening. i love you! 

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