The Card of Triumph. 

We are at the "end" of the first rhythm in of the cards, and as we go foward, we begin to seek a fuller sense of self knowing and an understanding that we are becoming the Chariot for Divine Will - we are what carries us forward on our path. We have purpose. And action. 

What does the divine seek at this point? What is that we have created in vision through consciousness and self improvement? How will we know {the fool} and how will we get there {by becoming the chariot}. 

What is your Chariot? What carries you? Where is your focus? Who are you now that you have practice and earned your human-powered divine will?

Free-write your Chariot. Lay it all out on the page.  

{also, so sorry half my head get's cut off and also, just fyi, the fire was super hot against my back and it totally made it itch like crazy}