Who is The Empress?

The first thing I want to say is:  She is You.

She is the flesh and bones and blood and heart and gut and womb of the Divine Feminine. She is the High Priestess born into the body.  She is the merging of Spirit + Flesh.  She is the fertile power of the earth.  She is the heightened sexual energy of the world.  She is the moody bitch. The wild creative woman. The sorrowful + grieving goddess.  The fearless leader. The Activist. The Healer. The Artist. She is choice. She is tears, blood, laughter. She is darkness. She is Light. She is creation + destruction. She is the dispenser of mercy, the ever patient mother, and protectress of humanity. She is all that the feminine contains.  No boundaries. No containers. No labels.  No gender.  Just the walking, talking, empowered body of God/ess.


She has been silenced.  Asked to pick and choose who she will be. Which has broken her. She’s been knocked off her thrown. She’s been shamed- and her womb has a war within it. She has been deemed unworthy and too emotional.  She has been polluted with the wounds of her counterpart. She has been erased from history. She has been made to feel unworthy of wearing her crown of golden stars and burning flames.


She is rising.

She is here.

She is ready.

She is Now.

Because it’s with her we bring Mary back. Isis back. Astarte back. Oshun back.  Kali Ma back. Quan Yin back. We bring Gaia back.

It’s with her we get to bring the healed Emperor back, the real + true Warrior back.

And we don’t heal the wounded Emperor back any other way besides rising our Empress.

The Empress isn’t anything we have to find or cultivate.  This is the amazing news. She’s already you.  She justs wants you to be more You.

The Empress Sessions is a 7 day journey working with the Archetype of The Empress card, card #3 of the Major Arcana cards of the tarot.  I believe learning to experience and embodying the cards allows us to ::

  • become more intuitive card readers for ourselves and others
  • become more intuitive mentors + coaches for others
  • work on healing the parts of ourselves that have been broken
  • practice using the tools already in our toolbox {our bodies} to be more creative +  empowered  in all aspects of our lives.
  • become more intuitive and aligned with our purposes and path.
  • feel more connected.

So whether you are a card reader or just interested in diving into the ulitmate expression of the feminine embodiment {the empress} The Empress Sessions will be a beautiful gift for you.

In it we will::

  • briefly learn about the “card” as a history
  • write
  • move our bodies
  • make art
  • practice honoring + rising our own *unique* feminine energy
  • investigate how The Empress energy is a powerful tool/energy for all kinds of earth activism.
  • learn to do an empress reading
  • create rituals around The Empress.
  • discuss how The Empress is healing the wounded Emperor.
  • meditate

The course will include::

  • video/audio
  • daily emails for 7 days {maybe an extra will be thrown in there}
  • a secret facebook group to share in community

Here is a little sneak peek of the content for this course::



Be Vulnerable. Be Fluid. Be Feminine. Be You.

If you’d like to gift someone The Empress Sessions to someone as a holiday gift, please contact me and I’ll hook you up with a lovely token of the session for them to redeem.

The course can be taken at any time.

The cost is $20.