From a million scattered ideas to mastering the mystery of book writing.




::: a six month masterclass to *fully devote* yourself to your body of work :::


Are you ready to stop leaking your magic and to pour your heart into creation?


  • Are you a writer ready to take your writing and current writing project/s to the next level? To finally begin? Or finish?

  • Are you seeking support, accountability, and active developmental guidance?  

  • Are you a devoted writer who craves time, space, workshopping and creative growth?

  • Are you ready to take yourself and your work seriously?

  • To bleed on paper, to honor your voice, to put in the work?

  • To be open to refining your craft? To set goals and achieve them? 

  • Are you ready for a draft of your book to be complete? Regardless if it's a book that stays in your own hands or one that goes into the world?

  • To publish books, essays, poems and learn holy rhythms and habits that will inspire you and encourage you to practice to become prolific?

  • To cultivate deeper intuitive practices that make writing flow easier and more enjoyably-  so much that you crave finishing what you started?

>>Then Writing {is} Resilience is a creative mastermind for you<<

And I am so happy to have you.

Together as writers-  we lift each other up.

In the constant and relentless distractions of this current world, we forget we may have something bigger to offer, something longer than just a social media status,  something more that doesn't fit in those boxes. Something we often cannot hear because of the noises constantly coming at us.

 Our stories deserve more time and space than scraps of attention here and there. Our stories are something that can sustain us. Can sustain others. 

Our stories are a transformative gift to the world.

Together as writers, we can support and inspire each other.. and most importantly-  remind each other that this work, that our words can and will be part of creating a new world, one that is awake with possibility. One that holds both sacredness and justice in the same breath.  

>>>There is no better time than now to step away from all the distractions, all the noise. And write.<<<

There is no better time to dive deep. Focus.  And have the opportunity not to go at it ALL alone. Writing is solitary. That's why community is essential. Why accountability and goals are gold.

Creating space around your writing is not luxury. It is your right. 

So. Are you ready? 

Let's create the book you have been thinking about for years.


This is an intensive writing workshop/masterclass/mastermind with me as your guide/midwife. You will be working directly with me as well as along side an intimate group of other writers. We come together to refine and improve craft, explore voice, and accomplish our writing goals.

You'll set specific goals and over 6 months you will be held accountable to them. My role is to keep you on track, offer professional writing guidance, and show up for you with deep intuitive space holding. You'll be coached and midwifed through the entire process. 

 You will form connections + relationships with other incredible writers. Because we all need each other. 

You will be celebrated and honored for committing to this practice, this form of art.  You will be held to your own personal devotion to writing and storytelling.

This experience is for writers who are ready to step into the process of completing their books or longer bodies of writing work.  This is an invitation to believe that writing is not luxury, it is necessity. It is truth. It is nourishment. It is power. It is beautiful and profound and an important art that can shift, disrupt, and soothe while activating true changes within and without.  

This workshop is in place for you to take your writing seriously while receiving exactly what you need so you can pay attention and form a plan of completion for the work that is calling you, has been calling you, and is ready to be born into the world.

This is a mastermind workshop to give YOU exactly what you need to focus on your writing.

This includes self-care rituals, meditations, plant medicine guidance, wisdom around honing your own intuition, magical writing techniques that I live by, and space to take really good care of your creative self as your your writing work emerges. This is work. I will say it again: this is not luxury. Work like this means good self care is essential.

Think of this as a 6 month at-home writing retreat - where you get to write with the support of a writing coach,  a community of writers, goals and deadlines, and constant reminders of self care and practices for intuitive living as you walk your path of devotion as an artist/writer.



Once a month you and I work together one-on-one to establish your writing goals.

Twice a month we work together in a small 7 person group {via zoom video conferencing}. In these group meetings there will be space to read your work as well as space to for conversation, suggestions, and feedback to your writing. 

You will also recieve monthly written notes on how to clarify, go deeper, + organize your writing.

  • Monthly one-on-one call with me for talking about goals and discussing your writing {6 total}
  • Twice a month 1-2 hour long  group reading and workshoping {10 total}
  • Montly notes/suggestions/thoughts via google docs on your writing. 
  • Inspiration, advocation, accountability, rituals, and intuitive counseling via weekly emails
  • Community of writers supporting each other getting their work done.
  • Completion of a longer body of work or a solid plan in place to complete it.
  • Advise, support and resources for self-publishing.
  • The feeling at the end that you have something to hold, to read, to pass on.



September 9th {new moon} 2018- February 19th {full moon} 2019.

{we take a big exhale in Decemeber and lighten the workload}. Because of the small number of acceptances into this program, we can vote on the days and times of our zoom workshopping once we are all signed up and ready to go.


Investment in your writing:

  • You will need to invest 1 hour a month of 1-on-1 individual support from me.
  • You will to invest 5 hours a month to show up and receive support for group zoom calls.
  • You will need to commit to at least 5 hours of writing per week for this program. As well as invest your heart and mind into taking your writing project seriously. This mastermind is for those ready to invest a big chunk of 6 months into digging deep and {{hopefully}} completing their pieces.
  • You will need to invest in your intuition, your voice, and your creative genius.
  • Your financial investment: $2220 {available to pay all at once or in installments}



  • You need support to write. And don't have time to go back to get your MFA {I actually did this so I can share with you all I have learned in that process}.
  • You are ready to self publish. You are ready to finish a series of essays, poems, articles, or even all the writing that is needed for your website. Whatever it is you are writing, you know the next step it to receive support.
  •  Because not only do you need to be witnessed, but to be guided in becoming a more conscious craftsperson. You are ready to be open to receiving feedback and connecting with other writers because sharing in community is how we grow.
  • Because the world needs more full bodied, full hearted, full storied writers out there. The world needs your book, your body of work. You are done leaking your magic in a million places and instead you are ready to invest in yourself, in your writing.
  • You know that investing in your vision and then bringing your vision to completion will allow you to take yourself more seriously, will get your work to the world so others can experience your artistry, and because it's time.
  • It's just time. 
  • To get this done.

The world needs your voice.




In short {longer version here} I have been writing since I was 5 years old. I began my MFA in 2003 and am finally finishing it this year.  My focus of study is creative non-fiction with a certificate in "teaching" writing, though I don't believe we need to be "taught" how to be creative. We just need support systems in place to we can unleash our words.  I am here to offer the kind of space holding one gets at progressive MFA programs without having to spend 3 years and $30K- along side a sacred, intuitive space where we honor the rhythms and cycles.  Because this is how I am the best writer - when I honor those parts of myself, when I look to the seasons,  when I believe in the unknown and allow mystery to work through my words.

I have self published 2 books, and 3 others are on their way to completion.  I am the co-founder, publisher, and editor-in-cheif of Amulet Magazine {an online and print publication}. I've been a creative writing and intuitive coach and a developmental editor for 5 years. I've been teaching writing workshops in person and on-line for 7 years. It brings me pure joy and fulfillment to see other's live their full creative expression and I believe in the stories we are called to write. I believe in writing without apology. And I believe the world need our voices, in a non-scattered, potent and profound way.  My style is compassionate + intuitive space holding with a side of oracle readings and kick-assery. I create brave spaces to explore bold and vulnerable expressions, to dig deeper, while maintaining a solid container and so you can succeed in reaching your writing goals. The world needs more writing than status updates and social media burps {yes...burps}.

I've worked my ass off figuring out how to create space and time for my writing that feels sustainable and allows for structured creative work to be born *while*  honoring the artistic process that is *so* very important. And I want to share what I have learned with you.  Let's weave your work, your words, and the world together.

 Our stories matter.

They are resilience for us all. Writing is resilience.

And this is writing resilience. 

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