writing resilience: a 6 month intimate writer’s masterclass



-A space for you to anchor deep in your writing practice + writing projects

-A space for you to unravel, truth tell, carve pathways, pass on stories - as writers/artists we come to the page to remind ourselves we are still here, alive, resilient. We have found ourselves still breathing and living even with the weight of this life pushing us down and twisting us apart. In the breathing and living that we are privileged to have :: we must create.

-A space for you to begin, to spend more time with, and/or finish a writing project

-A space for you to go deeper, dig more, to devote yourself to the stories beneath the stories. And the stories under that.

-A space where you have a professional writer {me!} and writing coach {me!} to work with you one-on-one for intuitive mentoring and feedback on voice, craft and projects.

-A space to refine your craft or recommit to it

-A space to be in a writing community with others.

-A space to stay accountable, to stay on a timeline, to meet deadlines and to stay very rooted in self-care practices.

-This is a space that is like a 6 month at home writing retreat. This is 5 months dedicated to feeling into your voice and stories, feeling into the body, feeling into community, perhaps pulling back from information overload and social media drippings; and instead focus on hugging inward, listening to your creative voice, and get your shit done!

“MaryBeth has been such a source of support and inspiration on my writing journey. I cannot put into words what it feels like to have her as a mentor. She is a force of creativity, a cocoon of safety and a wise, nurturing midwife for your soul.” - G.K, writer, mother, coach.


-You make a contract with yourself to write {with my help}. This contract is more about writing goals and objectives and deadlines you feel are sustainable. And then you write. For 6 months. Religiously. With support.

The months are spit up by twos as far as the theme of the work we will do:

months 1-2: getting to know your truth + developing a daily practice around it

months 3-4: diving down to find the beneath the story, the underwater story, and practice weaving it within your narrative.

months 5-6: playing with structure and revision and going even deeper.

Each area of theme there will be videos and prompts sent to you.

-Twice a month you receive a 1 hour one-on-one coaching /feedback/ whatever you need call, with me.

-Once a month you are part of a 1-2-hour small and intimate community workshopping call with other writers {no more than 10 people}.

-Once a month you receive generous written feedback from me on your writing.

-You will also receive self-publishing support/guidance {if applicable}.

-We meet over zoom with video calls and they all can be recorded for you upon request.

-We have a WhatsApp ground for daily check-ins and conversation among our intimate community of writers.



Because there is power in your words. Because we cannot keep leaking our magic. Because you know you have a book in you. Because the world needs your writing, our writing now. Because writing heals. Because writing is art. And art is life force. Because writing is proof that you are alive, here and now. Because you have projects, ideas, visions and you need a safe and brave and bold container to accomplish your writing goals within. Because you’ve had writing a book on your mind and heart for a long time and you need support; creative, emotional, intuitive, professional. Because I believe in you. This is part of my magic and work in the world, to create this space for artists to explore their voice and fullest expressions. I see and hear you deeply. I care about your stories. Your writing is power.

MaryBeth's mentoring broke a stagnant spell in my writing and coaxed my authentic voice out from its hiding place.  She expanded my idea of writing, inviting my entire body to participate with breathing and movement. She called on the elements to shape our narratives, to realign us with their natural rhythms and powerful forces.  She has a contagious enthusiasm for the sacredness of storytelling that granted me permission to explore and experiment, to approach writing from a primal place of fire, water, air, and earth. - E.M., writer


-are you ready to finish a book or writing project?

-are you ready to begin a book or writing project?

-are you in the middle of a book or writing project?

-are you being called to devote yourself to writing and need a very specific carved out time, schedule/rhythm and space to do so?

-do you have important creative web copy to be written or revived?

-are you being called to write a series of essays or articles?

-do you need accountability to write?

-do you just love to write and know it’s time to dive in and see what happens in the process of art and space holding?

-do you crave a brave, bold writing community for sharing, listening, and visioning.


Writing Resilience is for both beginning writers who want to walk further on the path.

It’s also for life-long writers who seek deeper dedication and intentional support.

Everyone is welcome. As long as you are down for experiencing both the process and visioning a product. And ready to be fully devoted. I am here for you.


We begin Oct 2019.

We close our master class March 2020.


$3000 / or 6 monthly payments of $500

I only have space for TEN HUMANS.



I am a life long writer and artist. I love writing - it keeps me alive. For real. It heals me. For real. I’m also trained as a midwife so creative space holding and being present for the hard parts of the process are innate to me. I’m currently finishing up my MFA in creative non-fiction with an emphasis on “teaching” others the complexities and nuances of being a writer, self publishing, showing up, and getting their work done. In this mentoring work, I pull directly from the amazing way my university holds space for writers, and I also pull from my deeply rooted spiritual practices and my life long writing practices. I create a craft driven, heart centered, intuitive web to get shit done in! My writing has been featured in numerous journals, publications, and collections. My first book of poetry has just got off the press. I am currently working on a long form ancestral memoir that brings us through the journey of grief, immigration, assimilation, food and spirit of my motherland {Sicily}. I’m passionate about holding space for people to write what it is they REALLY want to write, what their bones want them to write. Because THAT is what the world needs. THAT is what brings true honor and success. That’s what we are all waiting to read….

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If you are interested in being considered for this beautiful and powerful writing master class that will feel more like an at-home creative devotional retreat, then fill out the form below. There is a lot of interest in this master class, but to keep the class intimate, I can only open up 10 spaces. So, tell me more about yourself and I’ll be in touch and we can see if it’s a good fit!

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